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  • Kei plays and insignificant role in life, in death however.....

    What happens after death? heaven? hell? reincarnation? NOPE! try, re-spawn! lol. Would you want a second shot at life if you died and felt that you have not yet completed your mission in life, or whatever? Would you want the second chance if it meant being the toy of a deranged maniac that would revive you from death just for his amusement? After you die, Gantz teleports your soul and a copy of your original body to a room with several people that are in the same boat as you. Every one in the room had just been in an accident where they died for one reason or another and are either confused or angery because of the current situation. Well once you get done arguing with them, the black sphere in the middle of the room that no one seemed to notice starts playing music. Text appears giving orders to kill an alien or 2 (ha!). Then the sphere pops oppen revealing weapons and suits that enhance physical performance, you "gear up" and prepare for a fight for survival. If you die, "game over" if you live, you can fight again another day, literally.