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  • A perverted teenage boy and his heroic classmate die saving a homeless man, only to discover that they are in a mysterious room.

    Forced to face dangerous aliens by a black orb, the boys along with other dead people, fight to get back their lives.

    Despite a lot of uneccessary sexual content, I enjoyed this anime greatly. It was scary, absurd and down right disgusting at times but the suspense was incredible. So many times I thought Kei was done for and I yearned to know more about the mysterious Gantz. Apart from Kato, the characters weren't cliched as kind and admirable. At times, I detested Kei's selfishness, but his perverted and carefree attitude was realistic for a teenage boy. Many different characters kept the story fresh and their development lead to a range of themes.

    The ending was dissapointing. There was so much more I wanted to know. i couldn't handle a cliffhanger after seeing Kei struggle for so long. The manga has continued way past the anime plot and I am wishing the anime would carry on.