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  • The story about a teenage boy named Kei Kurono dies from a train accident and is forced to fight for a black ball named Gantz against aliens.

    This is one of my favorite animated series, though the comic book is better, it gets very good especially towards the middle end. The beginning is a bit slow, but it picks up and at first the protagonist Kei is annoying and constantly whining about his pervertedness he becomes very likable. The characters are pretty good, though the one character I found irritating until she died was Kei Kishimoto. The action can get pretty good and very gory, which is okay if you can handle it. There are a lot of sexual situations, which again if you care about it happens frequently (but what can you expect from a teenage boys mind :P). The story gets very good as the characters are developed because you start to care, especially when death is common. It shows the degradation of society or the way we humans are as a species. The series also touches on some survivalist themes as all the characters just want to survive and live through each mission. The only criticism I find is that the end was too vague, but thats because the comics were still being produced (and still are) so the end had to be mad up. I just wish they could continue the series since its possible the way it ended.