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  • Extreme Hyperbole.

    Gantz centers around the Plot of Kei, a Heartless, Self centered, cynical Monster of a person. Who along with his friend in an effort to save a homeless man, Get run over by a train. But miraculously right before their deaths, They get sucked into another world filled with strangers by a Black Sphere known as Gantz.

    Right from the beginning you know that Kei is a jerk, he cares about no one, extremely cynical, Sadistic and Selfish. And you almost feel that he should've been killed right at the first episode. Kei watches on as a girl is being raped by men for his enjoyment. That's kei...

    The worst thing about gantz is, A girl is rescued by Masaru before she gets raped by a gang of men And soon after that you see The same Girl molested by a dog and she seems to enjoy it and makes little effort to get the dog off. that is just mind numbingly Dumb.This anime is of a whole new level of pervertedness.

    The plot of the anime is For kei and his friends to kill aliens in a set amount of time, and that's it... Infact there is no plot at all... Gantz is all about Nudity, more nudity, extreme exploitation, Violence and people getting Ripped Apart like chicken, sounds fun??, well if it does, i think you'll like this anime.

    is there anything good at all??

    The best part of The Anime is it's animation, this is top class, One of the best i've ever seen, The characters are animated Beautifully. The voice acting is the absolute best i've ever seen in an anime. it's Brilliant and in most cases perfect. The Intro and Ending Themes are Fantastic too, This has to be the Best Eng dub ever made... There's so much energy and Life in the Dub cast, they made a fantastic job.

    This is just an Pathetic excuse for Blant overexcessive Exploition of Gore Violence and Nudity.
    Gantz is about the Darker side of Human beings, It is almost sarcastic about it, sure, it can be fun, but This is utter crap compared to Elfen Lied, Elfen lied had a very good story, Great Characters and it actually had a plot. Unlike this thing.

    Sometimes i wonder why such Great animation and Voice Dub is wasted on such a pathetic anime. it makes me sad.

    Gantz takes the worst of Anime and manga, Exploits it and multiplies it by 10 times... You like Exploitation, and Anime's with no plot?, well this anime is for you..

    Gantz is glorification of the Perverted Dark and Evil side of Human beings, you Need to be eccentric to watch this. (Maybe perverted as well).
    This is certainly not for kids..... Apart from the Glorious Animation and the Best Eng voice acting i've seen, There is nothing good about Gantz... Cheap excuse for Exploition