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  • So, you "die" and appear in a room full of others who are apparently "dead". Now, you have to go out and fight aliens only the dead can see. If your mission is successful, you can return home...

    When I first saw this, I was a bit..scared. Mostly because of all the nudity and the gore, but, after getting a second look, I was drawn in and couldn't turn away.
    The 3 main characters could be nothing more alike, so each of them appeals to a certain person. I liked Kei (the boy) the most because he's so..wierd and well, all the can think about is girls and their..package. Now, why I like him the most is beyond me seeing what a pervert and a wimp he is, but he just draws some people in. Kato and Kei (the girl), on the other hand are a bit annoying to me. Why? I've got no idea.
    The story line is something different, I tell you. You die and you're expected to survive by completing missions. And if you survive, you can go back home, but the twist is that the real you is dead, while only the copy remains.