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  • Season 2
    • The Screening Room
      The Screening Room
      Episode 13
      The Resnicks work in the entertainment industry, and desperately need an at home screening room. With the help of the Garage Mahal team and Goldberg, the Resnicks turn their garage into a movie theater with a vintage feel. The new movie theater garage features decorative lighting, a blackout ceiling, a large screen and quality surround sound.moreless
    • The Ultimate Home Office
      Tien and Jarret desperately want a home office, but can't find space in their home to set one up. With the help of the Garage Mahal team, the couple create the perfect home office in their garage, which they had previously used just to store junk. The finished garage features a desk, which is big enough for two, an efficient storage system and a cozy meeting area.moreless
    • Hot Rod Garage
      Hot Rod Garage
      Episode 11
      Jon "Fish" Fisher desperately needs the help of Goldberg and the Garage Mahal team. Fisher is a hot rod collector, but his garage is so full of junk that he can't work on the cars in his garage. With Goldberg and the team's help, Fisher is able to reclaim his garage. The made over garage features brand new flooring, custom pin stripping and built in cabinets.moreless
    • Car & Driver Garage
      Bill Goldberg and the Garage Mahal team experts travel to the headquarters of Car and Driver magazine to transform the facility's testing space into an ultimate garage. Eddie Alderman, Goldberg and the team work to transform the existing garage into a much more functional and inviting environment for Car and Driver employees.moreless
    • Wired/Airplane Garage
      Goldberg and the Garage Mahal team pair up with experts from Wired magazine to help Greg Gambina, a remote control jet builder, build a techno-geek garage. The finished garage area features a 3-D printer, custom runway flooring for his jets, a brand new work station and plenty of hi-tech gadgets.
    • Ultimate Home Gym Garage
      Tired of traveling to local gyms, Scott Bailey and Adrienne Frantz, soap opera stars, want to build a home gym in their garage. With the help of Goldberg and the Garage Mahal team, the soap opera couple successfully build the gym they have always wanted. The finished gym features space-saving equipment, a secret entrance and beautiful, vaulted ceilings.moreless
    • Ultimate Game Room Garage
      Bill is blessed to have two daughters and a beautiful wife, but this comedy writer longs for a place he can relax with his friends. To help Bill with his quest, Goldberg and his Garage Mahal team build an ultimate game room in Bill's garage. The finished garage features a pool table/ping pong table and a DIY work area.moreless
    • BMX Garage
      BMX Garage
      Episode 6
      Rich and his sons are extreme sport enthusiasts who have accumulated a great deal of equipment in their garage. Bill Goldberg and his team travel to Rich's California home to create an organized workshop for Rich and his son's equipment. The finished garage includes bike ramps, storage and a custom workbench.moreless
    • Video Game Garage
      Bob works at home as a video game reviewer, and drives his family crazy with his noisy games. Bill Goldberg and his team travel to Bob's home with the intention of turning his garage into a video gamer sanctuary. Together, Bob and the team create a soundproof room with camouflaged appliances and an arcade console.moreless
    • Pub Garage
      Pub Garage
      Episode 4
      Goldberg and the Garage Mahal team visit the home of Sam and Melinda, in Los Angeles. Although Sam is happy, in LA, he misses the pubs in his home country of England. To help Sam feel at home in his new house, the team work to turn his garage into a traditional British pub. The finished pub garage includes plenty of hidden storage and a gorgeous river rock fireplace.moreless
    • Eco Garage
      Eco Garage
      Episode 3
      Ed Begley, an ecofriendly guru, offers the Garage Mahal team his expertise in creating an ecofriendly garage for an energy efficient home, in Chicago. The Garage Mahal makeover includes an energy efficient workbench, a complicated system that converts cooking oil into fuel, a do-it-yourself recycling center and many other ecofriendly projects.moreless
    • Leno Garage
      Leno Garage
      Episode 1
      Goldberg and the Garage Mahal team visit Jay Leno's personal six car garage, which has never been shown on television before. With Leno's help, the host and team transform the cluttered garage into a showroom with a turntable that allows Leno to never have to back out of his garage again.moreless
  • Season 1