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  • Season 8
    • Clown Face; Feline Felon; Banzai
      After stealing a pie, Garfield dreams his criminal career is profiled on the TV series Wanted: Bad Guys. Odie hides from Garfield. Jon shows off his new shirt
    • Helping Hand; Count Lasagna; Mystery Guest
      Odie gives Garfield a hand and Jon tries to sell his publisher on a story. A visiting friend is surprised that Garfield isn't interested in chasing mice.
    • Party; Odielocks and The Three Cats; Carrot
      Garfield attends Jon's party, breaks his bed, and tries to be nicer to Odie.
    • Pet Force
      Pet Force
      Episode 18
      No Summary is avilable at this time.
    • Sand; Hounds Of The Arbuckles; Roosters Fly
      Jon, Garfield and Odie go camping. Garfield imagines he's a cunning Dr. Watson to a dimwitted, but egotistical Holmes.
    • Garfield Fun Fest
      Garfield Fun Fest
      Episode 17
      In the Comic Strip World it's Fun Fest again. It determines wich comic strip is the funniest. Garfield wins every year. However this year there's competition. An extremely handsome cat named Ramone. Not only is Garfield concerned about losing his title as funniest comic strip but also losing Arlene to Ramone. So he and Odie set to the Mystical Forest to drink the Funny Water out of the Magical Pond.moreless
    • Swiss Cheese; Return of the Buddy Bears; Martian Zombies
      Garfield has a fun time with swiss cheese, gets some help to clean the house, and hosts a debate about why cats are better than dogs.
    • Garfield Gets Real
      Garfield Gets Real
      Episode 16
      This is a CGI animated Garfield movie after the last episode of Garfield & Friends aired in 1995. It's about Garfield going to the real-world. While living the low-key life of a real house cat, he learns his comic will be canceled if he doesn’t return before the newspaper goes to print, but no character who has escaped to the real world has ever returned. To complicate the situation, evil forces are blocking his path back to Cartoon World!moreless
    • Special; Binky Gets Cancelled Again; Ceiling
      Garfield is too tired so the director gives Odie his own cartoon. Odie does a trick for Garfield.
    • Garfield: A Tail of 2 Kitties
      America's favorite feline, Garfield (Starring Bill Murray, Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lucy Davis, Billy Connolly, With Matthew Charles & Ian Abercrombie), follows his owner, Jon (Meyer), to England. The U.K. may never recover, as Garfield is mistaken for a look-alike, regal cat who has inherited a castle. Garfield savors the royal treatment afforded by his loyal "subjects," but his "reign" is in jeopardy. The nefarious Lord Dargis (Billy Connily) is determined to do away with Garfield, so he can turn the castle into a resort.moreless
    • You Deserve Better; Twice Told Tale; Linoleum
      Jon and Garfield each tell their side of the incidents that led to the house being filled with yogurt. Jon then decides to clean out the fridge.
    • Garfield: The Movie
      In this CGI film of the classic comic book cat known as Garfield. He eats, and sleeps, and thats all, his owner, Jon Arbuckle, just got a lovable pooch named Odie. Garfield's life spirals out of control now that Odie is in the same household as him. One night, Odie is kidnapped, and Garfield feels that he is the blame for what happened. Now, Garfield sets out to find the crook, and get Odie back.moreless
    • Bowling Ball; Ship Shape; Mirror
      Odie helps Garfield out of a tree and then they tag along with Jon as he goes to a ski lodge.
    • 5/19/91
      Garfield & Jon goes to a session so Jon could get a life.During the session,Jon meets a woman named Mona who has something in common with Jon...Except the fact that she's allergic to Garfield.
    • Alarm Clock; Astrocat; Unbridled Imagination
      Garfield adjusts his clock, struggles to find comfort in his bed, and meets his fairy Godfather.
    • 5/18/90
      Garfield's imagination takes him and Odie on crazy adventures
    • Diaper; Skyway Robbery; Lemonade
      Odie's drooling leads to Garfield ending up in a diaper. An apparently friendly alien lands in Jon's backyard.
    • 11/22/89
      When Jon invites Dr.Liz for Thanksgiving Dinner with his family,he nearly ruins the occasion & his Grandmom has to save the day.
    • Vet; The Mail Animal; The Tag Team
      Garfield gets their mailman fired and tells Odie what the vet will do to him. And while at a museum exhibit, Garfield dreams he's in ancient Egypt.
    • Garfield's Babes and Bullets
      Garfield plays a Sam Spade-like detective attempting to solve a case no else believes to be murder.
    • Laundry; Lemon Aid; Rampage
      When there's nothing on TV, Jon decides to go to a video store. Laundry also becomes a point of conflict when Jon and Garfield want to use the washing machine.
    • Garfield: His 9 Lives
      This special is comprised of nine different stories, one for each of Garfield's lives.
    • My Chair; Invasion Of The Big Robots; Bo Peep
      When Jon has to go on a trip, he decides to put Garfield and Odie in a ritzy pet hotel. Garfield then wakes up in the wrong cartoon.
    • Happy Birthday, Garfield
      A celebration of Garfield's 10th Birthday, hosted by Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield, who gives us a tour of PAWS INC.
    • Muscles; Rip Van Kitty; Teeter-Totter
      Garfield gets advice on how to talk to women and Jon avoids his pets. Garfield takes too long of a nap and wakes up to a strange new future.
    • A Garfield Christmas
      Jon brings Garfield and Odie with him to his parents' house to have Christmas with his entire family.
    • Charades; Pest of a Guest; Impractical Joker
      Garfield tries to give Jon a massage and avoid new competition from a mangy stray cat. He also ends up winning the lottery.
    • 5/8/87
      Garfield, Odie and Jon audition on a television talent contest called "Pet Search" (a parody of "Star Search") and win a thousand dollars and a chance to perform in the "Pet Search" finals. After they go to Hollywood for the finals, Garfield and Odie put on another act and lose. At the end, all they get is a 2nd place consellation prize, a boat.moreless
    • Seat Belts; Forget Me Not; Kiss A Chicken
      Garfield loses his memory for a bit. Jon tries giving Garfield dry food and asks him to spend less money.
    • 5/27/86
      Jon takes Garfield (dressed like his son) on a vacation to a South Pacific tropical island called Paradise World. Odie stows away in Jon's suitcase. Later, they meet a native tribe of islanders who worship their rental car like a god and then have it scarificed to the volcanoe to stop it from eruptingmoreless
    • Dogs; All About Odie; National Tapioca Pudding Day
      Garfield discusses his dislike for dogs and discovers that people like Odie more.
    • 10/30/85

      Garfield and Odie dress up as pirates and go trick-or-treating on Halloween and later run into ghosts of real pirates.

    • Camping; Monday Misery; Short Story
      Garfield attempts to disguise himself as a bird bath to catch a meal. In hopes of avoiding Monday, Garfield tries to mail himself to Samoa. Jon takes Garfield to the magic store.
    • 10/26/84

      After Garfield hears from Jon that they as well as Odie are going on vacation, he hopes it will be Hawaii, Acapulco or Venice but when he later finds out it is just going to be a camping trip in the woods, he refuses to go but Jon forces him to come anyway. Later, while they are camping, they are menace by a dangerous black panther which esacped from a zoo. Forest rangers come to the rescue with a tranquilizer gun and then Jon, Garfield and Odie pack up and leave for home.

    • Party; The Bink Show; Piggy Back
      Garfield gets a bite to eat from a wagon and leaves Odie outside a pet store to grab a snack. Jon throws a party that takes a strange turn after Odie brings invitations.
    • 10/28/83

      Garfield escapes from Jon because he does not want to go to the vet and ends back at his birthplace, an old Italian restaurant and reunites with his mother and his whole family.

    • Identity Crisis; The Bad Sport; Up A Tree
      Garfield suspects Odie of sleeping in his bed. Garfield gets better at imitating dogs and climbs a tree to be rescued for Jon's attention.
    • 1/25/82
      Garfield causes Odie to get sent to the pound but later decides to rescue him.
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