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Garfield and Friends references in other shows

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    This is a thread where we can post references to things related to Garfield and Friends in things like TV shows, movies, and other media that wasn't Garfield related.

    First, here's mine. A few months ago, I watched Smile Pretty Cure's 8th episode, "Miyuki and Candy swapped places?", and I noticed a reference to Garfield and Friends in the episode. You see, the episode revolves around Majorina's missing rings, which cause people to swap bodies. We see that Akaoni sneezed the rings far away to the human world. If this sounds familiar, it's a spoof of the Klopman Diamond Screaming with Binky short! In that short, as we all know, Binky screamed, causing the diamond to shatter to dust, and he sneezed it far away, just like Akaoni did! This is really ironic, considering that Akaoni's voice actor,Iwasaki Hiroshi, voiced Binky the Clown in the Japanese dub of Garfield and Friends (called Garfield to Nakamatachi) that aired on Cartoon Network in the mid-2000's.

    Has anyone spotted any other Garfield and Friends references in pop culture?

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