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  • By far the best Garfield show on TV

    While it does have its flaws, this show really capture the spirit of what makes Garfield an iconic character. He can be funny, silly and even be quite entertaining at times too.

    A shame the Garfield portrayed here is long gone. He may look and act the same, but the his aura of being a good character has completely vanished.
  • meh.

    doesnt make me laugh. i get bored and change the channel. but not complete crap either
  • Garfield the best!

    Garfield is the funniest cartoon character. Jon is a typical loser. I love them :) I saw the all episodes.

    This is my favorite fan page: drawnheroes
  • Coolest cat!

    Garfield will teach your kids things. He's funny and chubby. Well wriiten and acted out. Best graphics.
  • One of the Best Cartoon Shows EVER!!!

    Not really much to say for such a great show. It's just about the fat, hungry cat Garfield and his adventures with his nerdy owner Jon and dim-witted dog, Odie. The show was written very well by genius Mark Evanier. Animation, good enough. Gags were good, plots were great and overall the cartoon is one of the best classic Saturday morning cartoons you could watch. Quite a classic I do say so myself.
  • For the most part the 80's weren't a good decade for cartoon shows, but this is one of a few exceptions.

    "Garfield and Friends" is a Saturday morning animated series, based on Jim Davis's popular "Garfield" comic strips. It also features segments based on one of his other comic strip series's "U.S. Acres", but the segments on "Garfield and Friends" were titled "Orson's Farm". I myself didn't really like "Orson's Farm", for I found it to be kind of boring, and not all that funny, but they were okay. Garifeld was where the real fun was at! This show premiered on CBS in 1988, and ran on there until 1994. It ended with 7 seasons, and 121 episodes making it one of the longets-running Saturday morning animated TV shows of all time, with most of them lasting no more than 3 or 4 seasons. Reruns ran on Cartoon Network, TNT, and TBS from 1995-1996, on Nickelodeon from 1997-2000, on Fox Family (wich is now ABC Family) in 2001, on Toon Disney (now Disney XD) from 2002-2004, and on Boomerang from 2005-2006. Sadly, it is currently not reruning in syndication. In 2004 and 2005 Fox Entertainment released a 5 volume series of DVD box-sets, wich together make every episode of this awesome show. Most of the cartoons in the 80's were cheap toy advertisements, that greatly lacked in character development story-telling, and writing. But around the late 80's things started to get better, and Garfield is one of those better shows. Garfield was just as funny as he was in the comics, the stories were funny, and very entertaining. Truly a timeless animated classic. A childhood favorite of mine, that I still love to this day. And Lorenzo Music (R.I.P.) was the perfect voice for Garfield. Whenever I read the comics I imagine his voice in my head. The new Lorenzo replacements (no one can replace him in my opinion) are never quite as good. Bill Murray in the Garfield movies was alright, but not near as good as Lorenzo. Frank Welker in the current GGI Garfield series "The Garfield Show" is actually really good, but he can't beat Lorenzo. The only thing I don't like about this show are the "Orson's Farm" (aka U.S. Acres) segments, but they're not too bad, and at least they only show one of those per-episode. Rating: 96% "Excellent"

    One of the best animated TV shows of all time. I always loved it, and always will love it. Sadly I can't say the same about the new Garfield show. -Cartoon King
  • I am a huge garfield fan, so I obviously love this show.

    Garfield is a terrific show. I totally disagree with supermarioluke. Not a lot of people dislike this show. I am proud this show is liked by a lot of people. Who doesnt`t like garfield? People without brains! I am a garfieldaholic. This is the main reason reason why I like lasagna. I think garfield is the bomb! Garfield rocks my world. Please bring it back! Show it on t.v a little more often (and, on some more channels). It is the best show ever, and I can`t believe anyone would not like it. It is better than spongebob (a little bit better). If you hate this show, I don`t mind. You have the right to an opinion. I just disagree with anyone who hates this show. I have every volume of this show. I almost forgot about orson`s farm. That is good too. When I first watched garfield, and this came on, I was momentarily confused. I like garfield and orson`s farm. But I like garfield better. I am done. This show rocks. What a long review.
  • Uhhhhhh I dont care About Gafield Because I dont like him Hes Not that Great At All But I dont like that show anymore for that

    My Very 1st Review: OK You know what This was boring very fast And Gafield He wants to fat all the time And Why this show is boring Well I dont know why But The new eps Just bad. So dont thing about it It got Good voice acting But lack of Eps but why? Because New eps was boring but I dont like that show at all sorry. But This is a one of a boring show ever But This not that great But It going boring fast very fast. So The Voice acting was good but New eps just bad. So I dont like show at all thats all.
  • One fat cat.

    Garfield was one of my favorite cartoons when I was little. I watched it almost every day that it was on and I have to say that I miss it. It was funny and it was pretty original. I loved the characters and I was always entertained. I didn't like the middle episodes of the farm animals very much. I found their show to be boring so when they finally ended, I was happy that I would get to see one more episode of Garfield. If it was up to me, I would have made the show three episodes of Garfield instead of two. Overall, Garfield was a source of entertainment for me and still is to this day. Thank you.
  • Garfield & Friends paved the way for cartoons in the Silver Age, but it falls flat at times. However, it's really worth watching as it is funny, smart, and creative. On top of that, the characters are to die for.

    For the most part, this show influenced the humor in shows to come with its breakings of the fourth wall, its various pop culture jabs, its wisecrack remarks, its sarcasm, and its irreverence. Unfortunately, the animation is mediocre, but the writing paved the way for future cartoons. While some episodes fall flat, others are downright hilarious. At times, the voice acting is absolutely professional, and at other times, it's a bit dull. Garfield & Friends certainly has its ups and downs. The best aspect of this show is its characters, which are easy to empathize with and obsess over. They're all so drawn out and unique. Not one of them is a clone of another. This show certainly deserved to stay on the air as long as it did, but I would have loved to work on it to make some improvements. Overall, it's a very nice show with a colorful cast of characters, clever storylines, and creative ideas.
  • A perfect show and grand memory.

    This show is the epitome of great shows. Most shows of the 80's tended to be basic animated shows. Not this show. It stars comic strip character Garfield, of whom I am a large fan. Thanks to the DVD releases, I own the complete series. Why CBS decided to cut the budget I'll never know. I bet it was because the network predicted that the stupid E/I rule of 1996 would cause corruption in Saturday morning cartoons, so it would have to cancel it by then anyway. Anyway, this show has great humor, great animation, and great playability. The only problems are the somewhat slow pace, the fact that Nermal sound like a girl (seriously!), and that it has a few tired running gags. Other than that, it's a perfect show.

    Presentation: S
    Dialogue: A
    Style: S
    Re-watch value: A
    Overall Grade: S
  • Garfield & Friends was one of the funniest cartoons ever on television. I didn't really like the stuff with Orson the pig and the rest of those characters but I loved the stuff with Garfield, Jon, and Odie.

    Garfield has always been one of my favorite cartoon characters and this cartoon was the coolest. It had to be one of the funniest cartoons ever on television. I can't think of a Garfield episode that I didn't like. But I actually wish that it would have been all Garfield. Some people may not agree but I really didn't like the other stuff with Orson the pig and those other characters. I gave the show a 9 and it would have been a perfect 10 if it would have been just Garfield. I think it would have been fine that way. But it doesn't matter. Garfield & Friends was one of the funniest and best cartoons ever made. It is seriously a favorite of mine.
  • Garfield at his best.

    "Friends are someone you can open up to..."

    " our lowest price ever--only 20 cents an issue!"

    "This is a light snack. A real snack includes soup."

    "Odie wound up wet and soggin/With a frog upon his noggin."

    If you remember any of these quotes, you are truly familiar with the goodness that is Garfield and Friends.

    Garfield and Friends is funnier than the strip itself, mainly because it's not relying on 3 to 7 pannels. The humor in the show is amazing. There's randomness, one of my favorite types of humor. A lot of shows need this kind of humor, and this show doesn't do a thing close to falling short of it.

    This also has that retro feel to it. That kind of feeling where you actually like that show--where you don't want to change the channel--where you want to have every episode and spend hundreds of dollars on DVDs to record it. This is that kind of awesome show.

    All of the characters are the same, but man, are they funny. The writers are creative with the storylines, it's unbelievable. I'd continue this review, but it's getting way too long.

    Final Show Grade: A+
  • This show can be very funny!

    This is another fabulous and superb show that is from the 1990's, I love animated shows like this one, it is a very cute show that is rich with comedy and good entertainment. This show has a lot of different characters, but the main characters are also very good and play their roles quite nicely. Garfield is, of course, the main character, he is a house cat and is loved by his owner, John. Garfield also has a pet buddy with him that is a dog, and his name is Odie. This was another classic cartoon I grew up with and had a good time and even laughed by watching a lot of its episodes. I love Garfield, he is is cool and funny! I also think that is unique that he loves to eat lasagna, hey I like lasagna too! Lasagna can be a very tasty food dish for good cheese consumption! Its his favorite food, so you can see why he loves it so much, Garfield also loves to eat so many other foods as well, hey I also love to eat tasty snacks!:) I remember seeing a lot of good episodes, and I thought the ones with that cowboy Jake were great and funny! One of my most favorite episodes I can remember was the one where Garfield, Odie, and John go camping! Garfield tries to get things set up but later that night they come across a bear! Fortunately the bear loves to dance to John strumming his guitar while singing some sort of song. Oh yes, and the partner show paired with Garfield was great too, it involved stories about farm animals and the pig was the main character, but I forget the name of it. Anyway Garfield and Friends is another great animated classic.
  • This show was awesome! I'm so sad to see that it ended.

    Garfield! He is so cool! This was another show that was an olden days gem from the last decade, and it was one of the best along with Arthur. Everything about this show was so well made, everthing seemed flawless, and every episode was pure gold and very enjoyable! So much great plots and storylines are what makes this show great. Even better was that a cool twist was featured in between seperate episodes of Garfield! Not sure what the show name was but I remember that it was about farm animals, the main character I think was a pig. He was funny! I also remember a duck named Wade. This show is perfect and had golden comedy! John was funny too! Gafield also had some hard times with Odie! But still he was good to have in the family! So many cool and very likeable characters are another key figure to making this show awesome. Man I miss this show so much! *Cries again* sorry just some drama again like in my review for Arthur. But man, this show was one of the best 90's cartoons along with Arthur and these two shows bring back so many good memories. Fortunately since I was very little in the 90's, when I was five or six my dad knew I liked the show so he thought it was a good idea to tape the episodes for Arthur and Garfield, and it was a very good idea! Man, I can't believe this show ended recently, I wish it can be brought back somehow in the future. Its too bad the producers ran out of great episode ideas for this show. I guess it was time for it to end. No show can last foever, but i hope to see some fabulous reruns for this show as well.
  • I love Garfield

    Garfield and Friends was a show in 1987 to 1995. Every time it was great. And, Garfield, If it's Garfield I love it! I don't want anyone to forget about this awsome show! And, nobody should!

    Beside Garfield there was Odie, Jon and Floyd. Garfield's best friends.

    Other than Garfield there was U.S. Acres (A.K.A. Orson's Farm). There was Orson, the leader, Roy, the Prankster and, Wade, Thne scardy cat duck (And/or Chicken) Plus there was Booker, Sheldon, Bo and Lanolin.

    On behalf of the show, I loved it. But, I still want people to put it on TV. Even, though there's DVD's but, I don't have them all.
  • Even if you don't like Garfield, you should give this a chance.

    Garfield yes, Garfield from 1978. He go his TV show 9 years later. That made Davis happy. :) So, Garfield has adventures like he has in his comic strip and, he has fun where ever he goes. Sorry, I've been writing show reviews today and, haven't been writng episode reviews like I normally do. So, well, awkward. Garfeld had 7 seasons. More than Spongebob. Had enough humor to feed the hole family. And, was a Saturday sensason. Garfield should get another show. Or just play reruns on a diffrent station. Right now, Boomerange's doing nothing to fix the promblem.

    Final Score: A+, 10
  • Great Show, what more can I say?

    Orsons Farm, The Quickie's and The Garfield Episodes. They're all good! Garfields constant pranks and adventures makes this show a definite 10/10! I love every second, from the theme songs (well, the first 2) to Orsons farm. This show is just amazing! It's hard to watch the episodes in the UK, where as far as I know there is only one Garfield DVD (which I own). So many different channels have played the show, but they've stopped now, which is a real shame.

    Characters Include: Jon, Odie, Garfield, Nermal, Liz, Arlene, Pooky, Orson, Roy, Booker, Sheldon, Lanolin, Bo, Wade and more.

    Final Grade: A*
  • Garfield. A l l r i g h t !

    Well, I've seen every episode but, own 1 DVD!! Can you belive that? Well, it was great havin a friend that had a bunch of DVD's of this series. The only one we don't have is 3! 3?! D> Well, I'll miss him and, never forget him. Anyways...Back to Garfield. I'm a big fan of Garfield! See my room and, you'll see! And, if I like Garfield I'll like this show. Although a promblem at the end of the series. It went o jump the shark and, got rid of the title card origanal theme! I looooooved that theme! Sigh. Garfield stilll rocks. Like Calvin and Hobbes.
  • If you can lend me the Klopmand Diamind, it's be swell!

    HEEEEEEY KIDS! What, you don't like Binky The Clown? Well, none of us do!Garfield really hates him! Odie on the other hand.....well, I don't know!
    Ok, it's review time!(Remember, Whizkid hate's character sums!)

    1 cat+1 dog+1 single owner+ A group of barnyard pals. What do you get? Garfield and Friends! Whhat is it? About 5 5 minute clips of mega funny adventures and mayhem! See, Garfield shares his show with Orson and Friends. I'll explain:
    Garfield has the majority of the show to his wacky, funny, adventures.
    Orson and Friends has 1 musical number in each episode and chronicles the zany fun lovin' barnyard animals.
    Garfield and Friends is too underappreciated, and it needs to come back. No Garfield fan can go wrong here!

    Bring It Back!
  • Garfield rocks!

    I love Garfield! He's my favorite comic book character and cartoon character. Too bad I didn't get to see it on television. At least I have the DVDs. The first theme song was way better than the others, especially that third one, which I hate! It may be catchy, but I still hate the third theme song. This show ran from 1988 to 1995. They used to show their reruns on Boomerang, but the Nazis at Boomerang took it off the air! And Lorenzo Music was great too. He played Garfield throughout the entire Garfield cartoon series. But he's dead, so we'll miss him. Oh, well. New replacement for Lorenzo. I probably might like him or her.
  • I loved to wake up every morning to watch this show! Garfield and Friends was a regular staple of my morning shows when I was a kid. And whenever I see a Garfield comic, I still take the time to read it. The episodes made me laugh out loud.

    Every time I watched it, each episode made me laugh, regardless of how cheesy it was. Whenever Jon made a fool of himself, or how many times Garfield kicked Odie, and then Odie being able to get his comeuppance -- it never really got old. The show itself was fun to watch and away to just escape reality for some time. I loved to watch each part of the show, US Acres, Screaming with Binky, and Garfield Quickie included. They're part of what made the cartoon itself so good.

    It was pure irrelevance, seeing how Garfield and company would get out of any pickle that they had gotten themselves into. Garfields' sarcasm was only occasional during this show, unlike the movie (no offense to any fans of it), where he was more sarcastic. That's part of the reason why I never went and saw it at the movie theater or rented it.

    I didn't want my memories of Garfield, as I'd known him and remembered him to be tainted in anyway. I'm pure old-school Garfield all the way. With Lorenzo Music as his voice, may he rest in peace. No offense, Bill Murray, but you're no Garfield -- well at least to those who grew up watching Garfield and Friends.

    We just prefer the less sarcastic version of him to the newer one. Thank gosh, the comics have gone down a notch as of late, resembling the old Garfield and Friends episodes. I like the calmer Garfield, with a touch of sarcasm every now and then, instead of the meaner one.

    Just because there's a new generation of fans out there, doesn't mean that the character itself has to be changed so much. I'm glad that they went back to a more old-school Garfield, it's truly a relief, and partially what drew me to the old cartoon show in the first place.

    Back when it wasn't in reruns, still new in fact. Those memories will stay with me forever. Hopefully a whole new generation of children will be introduced to Garfield and Friends by their parents who grew up with them and laughed at each and every episode.
  • This show, about Garfield, is greatness. No, I take it back! It's a landmark of comedy! And I gotta say, "Awesome Show!"

    This show was/is greatness. Even with the fat, orange, lasagna-loving, based-on-a-Sunday-Page-comic cat, it's a landmark show with humor. Even when they broadcast it on CBS in 1988-1994, we were going bananas, or should I say, lasagnas! I saw epsiodes on Toon Disney in 2004 up until January 2006, when they they took it off the air. But for Boomerang, they aired it in 2006-2007.

    We noticed that the voice for Garfield was Lorenzo Music, but with his death in 2001, Bill Murray did the voice for Garfield in Live-Action Garfield movies. His voice fits. I like how they make voices.

    So, I gotta tell you, I like this show. Keep on watching it. Ajnd that's my rant.
  • Garfield and Friends was a classic show.

    This show was really good when it came out, because the plots were interesting, the humor was actually funny in my opinion many of the newer cartoon shows lack, and the voices were all good. I use to watch this as well at like 3 A:M on Toon Disney, why? It was an awesome show, and it would suck you into it, I know the Garfield movies in my opinion were decent, this was superb, and the only annoyance was the U.S Acres part of the show, sometimes it was just too into the way, but it was not bad, it was decent.
  • A childhood classic!!

    Man, this was such a tight show back then! I always used to watch it when I was little, and whenever I came home from school, that was the first thing I would watch. Every episode was about Garfield, Odie, Jon, and everyone having adventures every day while just being plain silly. I think Garfield's the reason why I started liking lasagna...! Anyways, I always used to watch this every day, but I was so sad when it was cancelled, because Nick might as well take away all the classics! I'm so glad this show is on DVD, but it'd be cooler to see this on TV again. All in all, this was a great show, period. Nuff said.
  • Garfield. Best dam cartoon period.

    I really miss Garfield and Friends. I think it's cool that once in awhile Boomerang will play Garfield and Friends, but there are other times that Garfield won't be seen. The other thing that they do is they show the Garfield and U.S. Acres (Now known as Orson's Farm) Quickies that the Syndicated versions didn't. If Boomerang plays the shows again, they should play Garfield Seasons 1-7. This show is the reason why you should stay inside on a Saturday. After that, you can go outside and play. And if Jim Davis made this show in the 50's, it would probably be on Prime Time.
  • I love Garfield and Friends.

    Garfield and Friends was a classic, Garfield at his best. I'm glad its on Boomerang.

    Humor: 10

    The humor for this show was funny, what else would you expect from Garfield? I love it.

    Animation: 10

    This animation was fantastic. Garfield looks exactly like the Garfield from the comics, and that's the way I like it.

    Characters: 10

    Both of the characters from the Garfield skits and the U.S. Acres skits were great.

    Theme song: 9.5

    The 1st and 2nd ones were so cool, the 3rd one was cool too but not as cool as the 1st and 2nd.

    Overall: 9.5

    I love Garfield and Friends, an instant classic, check it out. END OF REVIEW.
  • Garfield is fat cat who loves lasagna.He lives with Odie,a annoying dog that Garfield loves to torture.There is Jon,Who is Garfields owner.The 'friends' are a small 10 minute show called the U.S acres.It is about farm animals.The main chracter is Orson.

    This was a great show.How dare they cancel it!Garfield is so funny.Ecspecially when he kicked Odie off the table.There are a couple of annoying chracters like Odie,who always bothers Garfield even if Garfield is mean to him.Also there is Nermal who everybody thinks is cute,but Garfield is cute.The Garfield quickies are funny,too.Like when Garfield ate Jon's sweaty jogging socks because he thought it was food.The Orson's farm was great,too.I liked Lilan the sheep because she was tough being the only girl chracter in this short show.I can't stand Orson.He thinkse he is smart because he can read and does it to much.I also hate Roy the rooster because he played too many pranks.On top of that,this was a good show and should be brought back on air.
  • This show ran for way too many seasons!

    Where do i begin? First of all i think the episodes or "specials" that had only garfield in it or odie and john arbuckle(his owner)were the only good ones! Those episodes were longer,had great storyline,and were very funny but the episodes that had the farm animals were just ridiculous! I mean the episodes were so bad that i thought it was a diferent show! And they didnt even show garfield it was all about the dumb farm animals! Those episodes were only 5 minutes each,pointless,and not funny! And for me being a garfield fan it was sad to see the show plumit! If there is anyone that hasnt seen garfield before ONLY see the "specials" that run for like 55 minutes and not the ones that run for 5 minutes!
  • Such a great cartoon!

    This is one of my favorite cartoons I grew up watching!

    I've always loved the comic strips and I love his tv series too. He is one hilarious Cat! It's funny when he anoys John, pushes Odie off the table and mails Nermal away. I also love the game he for Genesis called 'Caught in the Act' and the one for GBA called 'The Search for Pooky' but I guess I should review those on Game Spot.

    Orson's Farm (AKA US Acres)
    This one is almost as great as Garfield but still doesn't beat him. It teaches kids how fun it is to read and also, Roy and Wade are hilarious and Orson can be pretty funny too sometimes. There are alot of good songs in this cartoon and it's fun watching the cast play out stories.

    Other things to say about this show.
    I love the quickies they had! It's a shame that they stopped having 'Orson's Farm' quickies later and onley one Garfield one later. 'Screaming With Binky' was pretty funny. Also, I love the cameos that the charactors made in each other's series. Anyway, that's all I have to say right now!
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