Garfield & Friends

CBS (ended 1994)


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  • I am a huge garfield fan, so I obviously love this show.

    Garfield is a terrific show. I totally disagree with supermarioluke. Not a lot of people dislike this show. I am proud this show is liked by a lot of people. Who doesnt`t like garfield? People without brains! I am a garfieldaholic. This is the main reason reason why I like lasagna. I think garfield is the bomb! Garfield rocks my world. Please bring it back! Show it on t.v a little more often (and, on some more channels). It is the best show ever, and I can`t believe anyone would not like it. It is better than spongebob (a little bit better). If you hate this show, I don`t mind. You have the right to an opinion. I just disagree with anyone who hates this show. I have every volume of this show. I almost forgot about orson`s farm. That is good too. When I first watched garfield, and this came on, I was momentarily confused. I like garfield and orson`s farm. But I like garfield better. I am done. This show rocks. What a long review.