Season 3 Episode 13

Angels In The Night

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 15, 1997 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Throughout the episode, there are animation errors, such as voice sync problems, and most notably, during the train battle, a Quarryman laser rifle is sliced in two, and then Hudson's sword passes through the gun as it is already splitting.

  • Quotes

    • Broadway: Somebody must have shut down the emergency brakes. Angela and I will go up front and stop this thing.
      Margot Yale: Wh--why are you doing this? Both of you could just fly off, but you're staying. I--I don't understand!
      Elisa: I can explain it in two words: Gargoyles protect.

    • Goliath: One thousand years ago, we lived in a world that understood our purpose. It was the age of Gargoyles. Ten centuries later, we awoke to a world bent on our destruction. Somehow, we never lost hope, and today, we have come full circle. A new age has begun, and we live again.

    • Goliath: The yearning for renewal is universal. A human new year takes many forms, but each message is the same. The struggles of the old year die away, as unspoiled hopes for the new year are born. Sometimes, hope is all we have.

  • Notes

    • Greg Says: The original premise of "Angels of the Night" had the Gargoyles abandoning Manhattan at the end. Elisa changed her name and moved to Chicago with Goliath. Lex and Brooklyn went on their own world tour.

    • Greg wrote and posted a document on the Internet called Greg Weisman's Master Plan that described his proposed spin-offs and their general plot lines. Note that some of these spin-offs have been tweaked or outright refurbished since this was written, most notably Future Tense, which became Gargoyles 2158, then Gargoyles 2198. As of November 2007, a miniseries based off the spinoff Bad Guys has been released.

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