Season 2 Episode 40


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 20, 1996 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Goliath & Co. arrive in Japan as local Japanese gargoyles interrupt a robbery by out-of-towners – the locals are clearly comfortable with the presence of the creatures, who operate publicly. Goliath and the others are welcomed, unaware that a younger gargoyle, Yama, is working with a local businessman. After daybreak, a group of ninja-robed figures assault the town – Elisa defeats them but the local businessman, Taro, knocks her out. She wakes up to find all of the gargoyles have disappeared.

At sunset, the gargoyles wake to find themselves in a medieval-Japanese theme park – Taro claims the villagers have abandoned them, a claim supported by Yama. Taro claims that he plans to slowly introduce them to human society and let them teach the code of bushido. Goliath and Angela are suspicious, given Elisa's absence. Elisa and the villagers track the gargoyles via the land purchase records, while Goliath advises the Japanese clan to present themselves on their own terms before leaving. Taro refuses to let them leave and gasses them into unconsciousness. The Japanese clan tries to leave as well but Taro prevents them from departing, while Elisa sneaks in with the head villager, Sora. Elisa frees "her" gargoyles while Yama realizes that Taro has betrayed him too. He takes on Taro, who is wearing a high-tech samurai battle suit, defeats him, and leaves him humiliated for the press.
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