Season 2 Episode 9

City of Stone, Part One

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 18, 1995 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Chess is generally considered not to have arrived in England until early in the 11th century (about 1013), and took decades to catch on. But in the 975 A.D. (10th century) flashback, Findlaech and the others clearly are very experienced with the game.

    • Apparently, the Hunter's identity is unknown, but doesn't anyone notice the similarity of the Hunter's emblem with Gillecomgain's face?

  • Quotes

    • Female Terrorist: Stay back! Don't hurt me!
      Goliath: You have more to fear from your cowardice then from me.

    • (Upon seeing Goliath in stone during the night)
      Demona: Oh, my love. What have I... What have they done to you?

    • Female Hostage: Don't come near me!
      Brooklyn: Don't gush all over us, okay? It's kind of embarrassing.

  • Notes

    • John Rhys-Davies, the voice of MacBeth, was initially aghast at the stark differences between the series character and the character from the Shakespeare play, so much so that he accused series producer Greg Weisman of revisionism. However, when he learned that the depiction was based on the historical MacBeth, he changed his tune and become very enthusiastic.

    • "City Of Stone" was conceived as a Direct To Video movie, but rejected as it didn't focus enough on the series protagonists.

      It would have taken place earlier in season 2 with the following differences:

      - Derek being the one to fly Xanatos to Pack Media Studios instead of Fox.

      - Goliath and company would have encounter a random individual who was blind as opposed to Jeffery Robbins.

    • After 9-11, the word "terrorist" was edited out for its subsequent reairings on Toon Disney. The line remains unedited on the DVD version.

    • This was originally a 2-hour "movie" shown in late August 1995 on stations that carried "The Disney Afternoon" block.

    • The spell that Demona casts is from the pages that she stole from the Grimorum Arcanorum in "Temptation."

    • Throughout all four parts of "City of Stone", Broadway either doesn't appear, or appears without dialogue.

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