Season 1 Episode 8

Deadly Force

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 18, 1994 on ABC Family



  • Notes

    • This episode only aired on Toon Disney, for the first time as part of a Gargoyles Halloween marathon, airing all 78 episodes in a span of 4 nights, starting October 28, 2002. It aired out of original airing order, however, airing the last hour of the night along with the following episode "Enter MacBeth." Various blood shots were removed and Elisa's face was zoomed in instead of view her body with the puddle of blood next to her. The Fox Family version uses the same cut to avoid Elisa's blood as Toon Disney's (The DVD of the first season contains the uncensored version of the episode). As of 2004, the episode would air on a regular basis on Toon Disney.