Season 2 Episode 17

Double Jeopardy

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 06, 1995 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

We start one year ago when the Gargoyles occupied the castle, when one of the Steelclan robots is reactivated and Goliath defeats it but is wounded in the process. Owen tends to the wound, gathering a biosample in the process. In the current day, Lexington and Broadway are helping Elisa to deal with a meltdown at a power plant when they are ambushed en route by a mysterious flying figure. They see what appears to be Goliath, laughing maniacally. At Gen-U-Tech, Dr. Sevarius is paying off a mercenary to steal something during the day. At the clocktower, Goliath and Brooklyn are absent when day comes, and at the castle the mercenary steals a statue of Goliath is stolen despite Owen's best efforts.

At the clocktower Goliath and Brooklyn show up the next night while Sevarius receives the statue, which holds a black-skinned white-haired version of Goliath. The clan tie the creature to Gen-U-Tech, while Xanatos receives a call telling him to come to an offshore oil rig with $20 million for the return of the "Thailog project" specimen. Broadway and Lex break into Gen-U- Tech and get into the computer system, learning that Xanatos had Sevarius made a rapid-aging clone of Goliath from the biosample, a clone programmed with Xanatos' values. Goliath and Elisa go to the oil rig as Xanatos delivers the money to Sevarius – the two watch while Xanatos confronts Sevarius, and then they sneak in to confront Thailog. He gasses Goliath while Sevarius claims Xanatos planned the whole thing. Actually Thailog set it up – he captures Xanatos and Sevarius, chains everyone up, and leaves with the $20 million after setting up the rig to explode.

Elisa slips free and uses the magnetic scrambler on Xanatos to restore Goliath's strength enough to break the chains holding him. The rest escape while Goliath confronts Thailog out of a sense of filial responsibility. The oil is ignited while the two struggle – Thailog stays for the money just as the explosion destroys the rig, sending Goliath into the water. The next day Xanatos figures that Thailog is still alive and faked his death, getting away with the $20 mil.