Season 1 Episode 9

Enter MacBeth

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Jan 06, 1995 on ABC Family
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Enter MacBeth
As Xanatos is about to get out of prison, he wonders what to do about the Gargoyles. As luck would have it, he is contacted by a stranger calling himself MacBeth who offers to take the creatures off his hands.

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  • Enter MacBeth is giving us a small glimpse into what actually happened to Demona after the massacre.

    Probably not one of the best ep's in the whole series of Gargoyles, but it gives off slight clues as to what was going on back in the Dark Ages, when the majority of the clan had been destroyed. With MacBeth showing up, it gives us a clue that Demona couldn't have been placed under the sleep spell like the others. We don't know what she may have told Brooklyn in Temptation, but this gives us some kind of information; the stained glass window in MacBeth's own home is a big clue.

    It also shows that Goliath is finding it hard to let go of the past, telling his clan that it's there home, that is where they are family; only for Hudson to point out that where ever they are, they are a family. Granted it sounded so much better coming from Hudson than it does typing it out... But it left me itching for more info about how Demona and Macbeth knew each other.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Elisa, Hudson and Broadway are walking down the hallway, she gestures with one of her hands. You can't do that while walking with crutches.

    • When Macbeth is viewing his security monitors, both Bronx and Goliath are regularly-colored, instead of being in greyscale like the rest of the scenery in the camera.

    • When Bronx was running down the streets and causing accidents, and when Goliath flies down to him, look at all the people. How come that many people did not report what they just saw?

    • When Macbeth is on top of the tower to the gargoyles and Elisa comes up, his hands are bare and remain bare even after the gargoyles awaken. When Broadway goes to confront him, Macbeth has his gloves already on.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Hudson: Goliath isn't going to like this.
      Elisa: He doesn't have to like it. He just has to realize he has no choice.
      Broadway: Elisa's right. We're sitting dorks here.
      Elisa: (chuckles) "Ducks," Broadway. Sitting ducks.

    • (Brooklyn, Bronx and Lexington are in an electrified cage, Brooklyn continually presses his claw to the bar)
      Brooklyn: Ouch... ouch... ouch... ouch... ouch... ouch...
      Lexington: How long are you going to do that?
      Brooklyn: Until you figure out a way to get us out of here! Ouch... ouch... ouch... ouch...
      Lexington: Did you see how the lights dimmed when you did that?
      Brooklyn: (sarcastically) Sorry, no. I was too busy writhing in agony to notice.

    • MacBeth: You are merely pawns. The one I am after is your queen.
      Goliath: Queen? We have no queen.
      MacBeth: No? What about Demona?
      Goliath: You know Demona?
      MacBeth: Know her? I named her!

    • Hudson: Home is more than that, Goliath. Home is the six of us. Wherever we can be together and safe. That's our home.

    • Owen: Mr. MacBeth, Mr. Xanatos hired you to fumigate his castle. Not destroy it.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode, along with "Deadly Force" is available on VHS as Gargoyles: The Force Of Macbeth.

    • When Hudson and Bronx are watching TV in the beginning of the episode, the show they are watching appears to be a sneak peak of Disney's Quack Pack. The episode is called "The Really Mighty Ducks" which aired 02-Sept-1996, over a year and a half after "Enter MacBeth"'s first air date.


    • Lexington: Goliath was talking about a play called Macbeth by some new writer named Shakespeare.

      Macbeth is a famous tragedy written by William Shakespeare circa 1606, giving a much-distorted account of Macbeth's reign.