Season 2 Episode 36

Eye of the Storm

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 13, 1996 on ABC Family
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Eye of the Storm
In Norway, the company is met by a mysterious one-eyed man who wants the Eye of Odin. When Goliath refuses to give it to him, he says they will regret it... especially Elisa who isn't dressed for the cold.

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  • Goliath and friends wind up in Norway. They meet a Norse God asking for the Eye of Odin. Not knowing that he lured them there, Goliath denies him the Eye. Doing this makes him their enemy. To protect his friends, Goliath takes matters into his own talons.moreless

    This was a good episode, though it is not one of my favorites for Goliath and company on their World Tour. I like the fact that you get to meet another of Oberon's children, Odin. It was interesting how Goliath became more of the villain in this episode instead of Odin. It goes to show that not everyone is perfect. I like how the Eye of Odin finally got back to its rightful master. There's no telling what other kinds of caos it could have created for the gargoyles if Goliath had kept it.moreless

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    • Goliath: I owe you an apology as well. It seems I am unaccustomed to dealing with a god, or being one.
      Odin: Then we have all gained rare enlightenment this night. The eye's standard gift.

    • Goliath: No wonder you've been pacing yourself. Without your eye, you're not what you used to be.
      Odin: What I lack in strength, I have more than gained in wisdom.Goliath: Then have the wisdom to yield.

    • Elisa: (to Goliath) It's about time you came around.
      Angela: But is he himself again?
      Goliath: Jalapena, do I have a headache...
      Elisa: (chuckles) That's our Goliath!

    • Elisa: (shivers) How come it got so cold all of a sudden?
      (there is the sound of a crash as the skiff stops)
      Goliath: Believe it or not, we've hit ice.
      Elisa: I believe it.

    • Erik: This isn't protection! It's... imprisonment! Your Goliath... is a tyrant!
      Elisa: Trust me, Erik, it's not our Goliath.

    • Goliath: You betray me too, little one? Very well. My protection is withdrawn, it is my wrath you must face now.

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    • Erik: I'm Erik Sturluson.
      Erik's last name is likely an allusion to Snorri Sturluson, author of the second of two Eddas which are the source of almost all of the Norse myths still known today.

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