Season 2 Episode 36

Eye of the Storm

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 13, 1996 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Goliath & Co. arrive in Norway and are greeted by a robed one-eyed old man who knows of gargoyles and offers Elisa a warm coat in return for the Eye of Odin. They refuse and the old man departs as Elisa begins to freeze. Nearby, Gunther and his father Erik return from a game when they swerve to avoid a shadowy figure and almost go over a cliff. Goliath secretly aids them back onto the road and they spot Elisa and take her home with them. While watching from afar, the gargoyles are attacked by a one-eyed bear who grabs Goliath's pouch holding the Eye of Odin. He manages to recover it and the bear disappears.

Back at the house, the old man arrives riding a black horse and captures Elisa, offering her in return for the Eye and introducing himself as Odin. Goliath is reluctant to give the Eye away given what it has done in the past. Goliath dons the Eye himself and transforms into a huge armored figure – Odin flees with Elisa and Goliath pursues, regaining Elisa and warning off Odin. The sun arises and Goliath remains animate, refusing to remove the Eye because of the danger Odin poses.

As the storms close in, Goliath relocates Gunther, Erik, and the stone Angela and Bronx to a nearby cave. The storms continue and it becomes clear that Goliath himself is controlling the storms. The others confront him over his increasing insistence on "protecting" them, and he seals them in the cave. Odin accepts Goliath's challenge to fight – Goliath proves too powerful but Odin refuses to yield. Finally Odin goes down but manages to free the others, who try to remove the Eye from him. Goliath withdraws his protection and unleashes his wrath, opening a fissure to swallow them. But when Angela calls out for his help, he goes to rescue her then rips off the Eye and gives it to Odin, its rightful owner. Odin and Goliath exchange apologies and part on friendly terms.
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