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New Campaign for Getting GARGOYLES SEASON 2 VOLUME 2 on DVD!

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    All right, guys...I've recently been thrilled to receive DVD releases of some of my favorite shows from CBS and Warner Bros. (i.e. SURVIVOR and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE) that I thought I would never see due to low sales of earlier sets...much like the GARGOYLES dilemma. It's thanks to this new method of creating DVD discs called "MOD" or "manufactured on demand." In other words, a studio says they are going to release a season of a TV show, but not to general stores...instead, you order it, pay for it, and THEN they manufacture the set for you and ship it to you...this way, they don't have to worry about losing money because they only make the sets that are excess inventory. Diehard fans who are willing to pay can get the sets and the studio doesn't lose any's win-win. Disney has yet to use this method for anything, but I got to thinking that if we reignited a polite letter-writing campaign to Disney asking them to make this available to those fans willing to pay for it, we MAY have a decent shot at getting them to try it. I decided to send a post to Ask Greg to see what Greg Weisman thought, and today he posted the following response (with my original question on top):

    Patrick Gilchriest writes...

    Hi Greg, I've been a HUGE Gargoyles fan ever since it first came out. Like most fans, I've been hoping against hope (while realizing it's probably not going to happen anytime this side of 1,000 years) that SEASON 2 VOLUME 2 will finally be released, even after five years. However, there's a new trend I see starting in the TV-on-DVD release universe that MAY provide us with a solution if fans can get back on board and start bugging Disney about it. Have you heard about Disc-on-Demand, sometimes referred to as MOD (Manufactured-on-Demand)? Just in case you haven't, it works just like it sounds...a company says they are going to "release" a season of a T.V. show, but not in order it online, either via their website or by Amazon, and when you order it and pay for it, they make the set then and ship it to you. They don't have to worry about shipping it to stores and making more sets than meet demand. This way, die-hard fans can get their hands on the material and the company doesn't lose money. CBS and Warner Bros. are both starting to do it with some of my favorite shows that haven't seen releases in a long time due to low sales of earlier sets, much like what GARGOYLES faced. But now, with this new capability, fans can get their hands on this material, and I think it would be terrific if Disney could get on board with this for GARGOYLES. What do you think? Could you post this idea on your site so fans can start writing Disney informing them of their interest? This seems much more possible to me than waiting for them to release it as a mass-release set in stores. Thanks, and have a great day!

    Greg responds...

    I love the idea!

    I admit I don't know how to get Disney interested in doing this for Gargoyles if they aren't doing it for ANYTHING yet. But a letter-writing campaign is a good way to start. Patrick, I nominate you to spearhead this. Post this in the s8 Comment Room and any other Gargoyles site you can think of. (I think there are a couple on facebook.)

    If people send actual LETTERS to Disney Home Entertainment, it may have some effect. Especially if a LOT of people send letters. (And if those letters sound reasonable and polite. Draft a sample letter and post that to give people a clear idea what to ask for.

    In any case, it can't hurt.


    So here it is! I am officially launching this campaign and asking for your help. Please write, call, do whatever you can to let Disney know that you would be willing to purchase GARGOYLES SEASON 2 VOLUME 2 if it was released using this new manufacture-on-demand process. The more you write hard copy letters, the better...but anything will do. Now, as Greg said in his answer, the most important thing to remember is we need to be professional and POLITE in anything we write to Disney, otherwise they'll tune us right out.

    Here is a sample of something I wrote recently to Disney. Obviously, we don't all want to say the same thing, but this may give you some ideas:

    "Hi, I am a huge fan of GARGOYLES and have been for many years. I love the depth and complexity of the characters, and the English teacher in me appreciates the references to Shakespeare and mythology. Very rarely do you find a T.V. series that is so effectively developed, thought-provoking, and entertaining.

    That is why I think it is tragic that SEASON 2 VOLUME 2 has still not been released, even though it has been five years since the release of VOLUME 1. I understand about money and low sales, and it's a shame that low sales resulted from the first two sets considering the show STILL, almost 20 years later, has a massive cult following that is eagerly awaiting and hoping against hope for a release of Season 2 Volume 2. (Since very few fans care about season 3, it's particularly painful because it means we are only one set away from completing our collections).

    However, I am writing today to implore you to look at another option so that this set could finally be released. I am a fan of many different shows, and two of my favorites, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE from Warner Bros. and SURVIVOR from CBS, have also been delayed for a long time due to low sales of early sets. In fact, SURVIVOR came out with its latest set shortly after GARGOYLES SEASON 2 VOLUME 1, and fans have been left without many seasons due to low sales of the mass market sets. However, both CHRISTINE and SURVIVOR are now starting to return to DVD due to this new trend in "Manufacturing Discs on Demand." I'm sure you're familiar with this process, and the benefits are clear for both parties. You, as the company releasing the product, make money on every set you manufacture because you make them as they are ordered. You don't have to worry about losing money making several sets and then finding them sitting on store shelves or in boxes gathering dust for years.

    It's a win-win situation for both parties, actually...die-hard fans can pay you (therefore giving you money) for a set, and then the fans get to complete their collections. I think this is the PERFECT solution to the GARGOYLES problem...and it is a problem, because I find it sad that the last set was deliberately marketed as "Volume 1" and five years later, "Volume 2" is nowhere in sight. This is the perfect time to remedy this situation, and doing it via the Disc on Demand (which, from what I understand, is easy enough to do directly from your site) and Amazon. PLEASE give this some serious I said, it's win-win for all involved. I hope to see SEASON 2 VOLUME 2 being made available to fans who order them soon. Thank you!"


    The more interested, enthusiastic, and persistent (without being annoying) fans we get sending polite inquiries into this possibility, then WHO KNOWS what could happen? While it's a tough sell to get them to mass produce this set, something like this could actually have a shot at working. You never know...maybe this is the answer we've been waiting for to finally get SEASON 2 VOLUME 2 on DVD!

    Please feel free to use my E-mail address if you want to ask any questions or ask me to proofread any letters...I am a certified English teacher, after all, and I'm such a huge fan of the series I am so excited to have SOMETHING that may finally get us this one set.

    For your reference, here is the address to write a hard copy letter to Disney:

    Walt Disney Studios

    500 S. Buena Vista Street

    Burbank, CA. 91506

    If you can send to BOTH the studio itself AND online, then we can get them in both places...either way, let's let them know that there are a lot of die-hard fans out there who would GLADLY purchase this set if it was made available via this Disc on Demand feature!

    Thanks everyone!

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    I too am disappointed that the final part of season two has never been released. To me, that was the best part, because my favorite character turned out to be Angela, so it was like they had just brought her in and all of a sudden BAM... they decide to not put anymore out on dvd. Your idea sounds like it might have merit, but what bothers me is the cost. How much would Disney charge for something like that? I still wish they'd make the last part of season two available to regular stores. Heck, at this point, I'd even be willing to get seasons one and two over again in a special boxed set if they'd just finish off the second season. But again, the price concerns me. I can't afford a high-priced item, and I refuse to shop at Wal Mart because of their business practices and the way they treat people, workers and some customers combined. I also have had bad experiences with Amazon, so I don't shop with them either. Still, there are enough general market stores out there that I feel it doesn't limit the choices unreasonably. If Disney did their own part in releasing them, and ADVERTISING them so that people knew they were out, I'd definitely do my part in buying it as soon as I was able to. But this idea of making them on demand raises visions of extremely high prices, which would effectively put them out of my reach. I wish Disney would just reconsider and release the whole thing, the regular way (and not in blu-ray and widescreen only)

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    That is a VERY good idea!!! Thanks for posting the adress, I'll be sending a letter every week!!!
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