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Season 2 Episode 43

Future Tense

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Apr 25, 1996 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Future Tense
Luck seems upon the company, as they spot the statue of liberty through the mists. But the New York the see is not the one they left... It is a devastated ruin controlled by Xanatos' robot sentries.

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  • A chilling vision of the future without Goliath and Elisa

    This episode was intense and beautifully written. It followed natural conclusions like Brooklyn ascending to leader and Hudson passing on. But it also held shocks like new romances, new villians, deaths (do not want to spill any secrets). All together it created an unforgettable vision of a chilling future. It also served to underscore Goliath and Elisa's relationship (I loved that!) The ending of this episode also made it very clear the travelers needed to get home as soon as they possibly could thus infusing the Avalon saga with a feeling of urgency that made them even better to watch.moreless
  • Best shock value of a TV episode you'll ever see! (some spoilers)

    Wow, this isn't something you'd expect from Disney. In one of the best animated TV episodes ever, we get sent into a different kind of "reality" when certain circumstances happen to Goliath and crew on their way home from Avalon. When they return we see New York in shambles, Xanatos as ruler of Earth, Angela and Elisa captured, all our characters older and losing the battle against Xanatos and his minions. How Broadway looked blind was ghastly and Brooklyn became a hardened leader, pretty good too from what we saw, Lexington's cyborg design was also cool, and it'll be a shocker to see Demona with Brooklyn. Broadway's death was very poetic and the real balls-kicker of this series. All in all, all the characters die except Goliath and Elisa, and the traitor turns out to be...my favorite character Lexington. OH NO!

    Oh well, that's what happened in this alternate dream of Goliath's...or was it? Some things of this come true later while some won't (or we may never know).

    So, you'll be shocked, you'll be sick, you'll be guessing, but most of all, you'll have a front row seat to the best thirty minutes of animated television ever! They better release Volume 2 so I can see this work of art again!moreless
  • Golaith gets struck by lightning while on the skiff. The next thing he knows is that he & his group are finally back in New York, but everything is different. Elisa & Angela are captured by robots; Goliath goes after them with the help of old friends.moreless

    This episode isn't a favorite. It's an interesting concept of how things would turn out if 40 years had passed without Goliath in New York. I liked how Puck fit into the whole thing. One scene that I feel is worth mentioning is the one when Broadway dies. It was very sad, though it didn't really happen. The lines exchanged between Goliath & him are touching. I also thought it was funny how Puck put Demona & Brooklyn together. There's some sick & twisted humor for ya. Goliath must've been disturbed by that. I know the real Brooklyn would be.moreless
  • This was something of an eye-opener, what if it took Goliath, Elisa, Bronx and Angela 40 years to come back to New York?

    I love this ep. More due to the fact that all the other characters had aged and became more mature, though the experiences they had dealt with had hardernd them somewhat, like Brooklyn and Lexington. The only one who kept his faith that Goliath would come back would have been Broadway, even though blind, he still had faith while the others did not.

    Obviously this future isn't real, just another trick of Pucks to get the Phoenix Gate. Regardless it was far darker than any other Gargoyle ep so far, dealing with death and actually having deaths through out the whole ep, which is very unlike Disney.

    More over, you understand how Goliath was shocked at seeing Demona in Brooklyn's arms, not something anyone would think of happening.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Trivia: The picture the beggar woman was holding has Demona in her human form on it

    • With all the technology advances over 40 years, it seems really unlikely for Broadway to be blind. Lexington should have been able to make him some prosthetic robot eyes with relative ease.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Broadway: Goliath, the sun... it's... so... beautiful...

    • Elisa: We can fix this, give me the Phoenix Gate!
      (Goliath reaches into his pouch, and lets the gate slide out onto the ground, Elisa reaches for it, but stops)
      Elisa: Give it to me.
      Goliath: I can't... too weak... take it...
      Elisa (insisting): Give it to me, Goliath!
      Goliath (Opening his eyes, realizing): If you want it... take it!
      Elisa: Put it in my hands!
      Goliath (taking the gate): No!
      (Before Goliath's eyes Elisa cries out and changes into Puck)
      Puck: I was so close! So close!

    • (Holding Goliath's head)
      Xanatos: Alas, poor Goliath, I knew him well.
      Goliath: You will not win.
      Xanatos: What are you going to do? Bite my kneecaps off?

  • NOTES (1)

    • While the events in the episode were a dream, some of them would occur in later episodes:
      - "The Gathering Part 1": Xanatos has a son named Alex.
      - "The Reckoning": Thailog meets his (apparent) end in The Clone Wars.
      - "Hunter's Moon Part 2": The destruction of The Clocktower.


    • The building in Xanatopia where Xanatos' image appears is strikingly similar to the Tyrell Corporation builing in the 1982 futuristic Sci-fi movie Blade Runner.

    • Xanatos: (holding Goliath's stone skull) Alas, poor Goliath, I knew him well.
      This is a spoof on the scene from Hamlet where Hamlet holds Yorick's scull and says "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio".