Season 2 Episode 27


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 14, 1995 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

A criminal, Brod, flees from the police through the streets of Prague and escapes by boat with the aid of... Halcyon Renard and Preston Vogel. Goliath and the others arrive nearby and Goliath goes to ask Renard for assistance. While scouting the area, Elisa runs into Max Loew, the son of a rabbi. Elisa is unaware that Max and his father are working on a mystical ritual given to Max in a dream, a ritual that will awaken the golem to defeat Brod. We see in flashback how Max's ancestor used the golem, a huge stone statue, to defend the Jews of Prague against raiders. By placing the "breath of life" in the golem's mouth (the word "life" written on a piece of paper), the statue comes to life and drives out the attackers. Brod takes Renard's hovercraft in payment for his services and he and his men depart. Goliath meets with them and a weakened Renard abruptly dismisses him. Max proceeds with the ritual as Brod attacks and takes the golem and the ritual. Angela, Elisa, and Bronx, reuniting with Goliath, spot Brod's craft and go after him. Brod manages to make his escape after stunning Goliath and Angela. They confront Max, who explains the golem awakening spell was lost for 400 years and they need the creature to fight Brod. Goliath goes to confront Renard and discovers the millionaire is transferring his soul out of his dying body and into the golem. Holding Goliath at gunpoint, Renard completes the ritual and then overwhelms the gargoyle in his new body. Renard goes for a stroll to test out his new form, spreading destruction. He goes to Max's house to destroy any book that might contain knowledge that could undo the transference. Goliath arrives and he and Max appeal to Renard's conscience – shamed at what he has become, Renard agrees to reverse the transfer. Max goes to confront Brod with the golem and defeats him with a little help from his newfound friends. Goliath turns down Renard's offer of help, realizing that he must see his journey through to the end.