Season 2 Episode 27


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 14, 1995 on ABC Family

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  • Goliath & friends are in Prague. Goliath finds an old friend, Renard. The group also meets a man who is trying to bring back the Golem to protect the city, only Renard messes up these plans. Will Goliath go agianst his friend to do the right thing?

    This is one episode I just haven't seen as often as the others in the series. It is an okay episode, but nothing really important happens in it. Renard goes on the path of evil for a little bit, but then sees the errors of his ways and goes back to his good ways. We meet a character who is trying to bring back the Golem to the city, but we never see him again in the series. It's sad to say that I don't even remember his name because he is a very easily forgettable character as is his mentor in the episode. The only character to remember in this episode is the bad guy named Brode. He reappears in another episode later in the series called "Turf" where he moves his opperations to New York and is at odds with Tony Drakon. That's an episode to remember. So, if you want to know about Brode's origins in the series, I would see why you'd watch this episode. Other than that, it's not very noteworthy.