Season 2 Episode 30


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 28, 1995 on ABC Family

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  • Goliath & friends are in Egypt. They find the Pack working for a man named the Emir. He is trying to trap Anubis for both he & Xanatos' purposes. Things go wrong when Jackal becomes an Avatar & starts destroying everything. What can be done to stop him?

    An interesting episode. This deals a lot with accepting death and how it works, which is a big message going out to a (mainly) kid audience. My favorite parts of this episode are when the Emir (voiced by the spectacular Tony Shaloub) and Anubis are arguing about how death works. The Emir is so heartbroken at the loss of his son, that he doesn't care about reason or what is right; he'd do anything to get his dead son back. I also find it interesting the Greg Weisman has said that he regrets not trying to kill off Goliath, Angela, Elisa, & Bronx in the episode, because the fact of it is, is that they can't die. Anubis is trapped, and while he's trapped, no one can die, so the Pack could not kill them. It would be interesting to see how that would be pulled off. The end of the episode is sad and touching. The Emir finally sees the error of his ways & understands what Anubis was trying to tell him all along. In the end, the Emir is at rest with his son.