Season 2 Episode 30


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 28, 1995 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • When Elisa regains her youth along with Goliath and Angela, her red jacket is gone and she is wearing only a black shirt. But when she enters the next scene, her red jacket has reappeared.

    • Trivia: We learn that gargoyles age at one-half the rate that humans do.

    • Anubis claims that no one can die while he's imprisoned, but there are many mythologies with many different Death Gods. Anubis is part of a pantheon that hasn't received major worship in over 10 centuries - does he really still have such power that he alone has control over death and his absence prevents anyone from dying?

    • Goliath claims that because gargoyles age half as slowly as humans, he and Angela could act while Elisa couldn't. But he and Angela looked just as aged and decrepit as Elisa did - Anubis/Jackal apparently took into account the different aging speeds. Perhaps Goliath meant that gargoyles are fitter when they are proportionately the same elderly age as a human, but if so that isn't made clear.

    • In the past, and rightly so, Xanatos has been careful to make sure he can't be connected to the Pack. But here the Coyote Robot quite blatantly has Xanatos's (ruined) face on the front - wouldn't anyone seeing it connect the Pack to Xanatos?

    • When Hyena is deaged by Anubis/Jackal, her clothing and (presumably) her cybernetics change size to fit her new baby-sized body. Either the clothes should now be too large to fit, or the metal components should be deaged into their base ore - nothing aging-wise would account for them fitting her at baby-size.

    • If Xanatos has the Pack helping the Emir because he wants immortality for himself, why did he program the Coyote Robot to be so disinterested in keeping an eye on the Emir? It lets itself be ordered away by the Emir during the ceremony, and just lets Jackal go back to watch. If Xanatos wanted to find out about the immortality ceremony, wouldn't he program the robot to stay as close to the Emir as possible?

    • Xanatos has stated in the past that he wants to keep Goliath alive, and presumably feels the same about Elisa - he's never used his connections to have her killed or thrown off the force. But here the Coyote Robot seems to be doing its darnedest to kill both of them - it shoots repeatedly at Elisa and obeys the Emir's order to "dispose" of them. Wouldn't Xanatos have programmed it to only capture them?

  • Quotes

    • Emir: You took from me my only son, Anubis. Two years ago, in a pointless car accident.
      Anubis: Death is always pointless. That is the point.

    • Wolf: Well, shave my chest and call me baldy.

    • (Jackal and Hyena activate their bladed weapons)
      Jackal: Hope you've enjoyed your visit to Egypt, Goliath...
      Hyena: 'Cause it's about to be cut short! (laughs)

    • Elisa: And the Emir? What do you think happened to him?
      Goliath: If there's any justice in this world or the next, he's with his son now, at rest.

    • Jackal: (seeing Anubis) The original model...

    • Coyote: I'd sure like to know how you got here, but I'm programmed to shoot first and ask questions later.

  • Notes

    • A year and a half or so after this episode came out, Interplay Productions produced the video game Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game. Apparently the company was a big fan of Gargoyles and/or this episode - the game featured the voices of Clancy Brown, Keith David, Tony Jay, Tony Shalhoub, Frank Welker, and Cree Summer. All of them have voice credits in this episode. Matt Frewer and Brigitte Bako are the only actors in this episode who don't star in Fallout, which also featured the voices of Gargoyles regulars Jeff Bennett and David Warner.

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