Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 27, 1995 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

The World Tour gang are cruising the fog when they are attacked by a sea creature. They drive it off but Elisa is missing. They make their way to shore, where they find an Amerindian totem pole decorated with gargoyles. The sun arrives and they turn to stone, while nearby a few remaining Indians remain on the island while the rest of their tribe go to shore. The educated Natsilane and his grandmother are the only ones who remain, and Grandmother tells him he must climb the mountain to confront the mystic Raven and break the spell that curses their land. The two of them find Elisa while the Gargoyles awaken, only to be greeted by a raven-ish gargoyle. He tells them that his clan was destroyed by the locals but reluctantly agrees to help them find Elisa, after warning them that Grandmother is an evil sorceress.

The raven gargoyle takes Goliath and the others to meet the remnants of his clan, while Grandmother helps Elisa to recover and reveals their on Queen Florence Island off the coast of Canada. They go to search as Raven dissipates the illusion of the other gargoyles and follows. Elisa goes to look for them and is attacked by a black bear – Bronx saves her and they are reunited. Elisa reveals she has met Grandmother, and a suspicious Goliath goes to meet her. They find her, but she transform into a totem monster and flees. They attack with Raven and his "clan" egging them on, but both Elisa and Angela are suspicious. Angela lies to them and convinces Raven to return – when he leaves, she warns Goliath that all is not as it seems. Elisa finds Grandmother, who explains she was appearing as the various monsters to convince her skeptical grandson that magic was real and then fight Raven to free the land.

Raven appears as a spirit – both her and Raven are Children of Oberon that cannot intervene directly. The Goliaths show themselves to Natsilane and they all go to confront Raven. Raven sends totem gargoyle-creatures to attack the gargoyles while Raven and Natsilane fight – Natsilane armed with the mystic weapons of his tribe. Natsilane wins and Raven departs in a huff, letting Grandmother transfers her essence back into the land to restore life.
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