Season 2 Episode 13

High Noon

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 25, 1995 on ABC Family
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High Noon
MacBeth and Demona are working together; they steal Coldstone and use him as bait to lure the gargoyles into a trap. Elisa is to face Demona by herself and save the clan.

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • While Demona is dressed as a cop in the first couple shots, she has no earrings. Later when she takes out her hair, her earrings are back.

      • When Desdemona splits into three parts, it is obvious the Weird Sisters, disguised as three seperate Desdemonas, are advising Coldstone to intervene at Belvedere Castle. However, the hair color of all three throughout most of the scene remains blond, until the scene where the three Desdemonas reform into one, where the hair color is Weird Sister White, Blond and Black, but when the merging is complete, it remains black, Desdemona's incorrect hair color.

      • MacBeth doesn't react at all during the several times when Elisa punches, kicks, and throws Demona, even though he's supposed to be linked to the gargoyle.

      • Demona's plan doesn't make much sense - how is Goliath going to "see" what human loyalty is really worth? She's luring in Elisa at high noon, when Goliath is in stone form. Goliath can't see anything, and if Demona shows him Elisa's body later, he'd have no way of knowing if she showed up or not.

      • When Demona is in her human form, she supposedly possesses none of her gargoyle abilities. However, her eyes glowed when she was enraged with MacBeth in her human form.

      • Didn't the gargoyles make any effort to make sure Demona and MacBeth were unconscious before they brought them into the room with Coldstone? As an experienced warrior, Hudson at least should know better.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Elisa: I'm no hero, I just do my job. And my job for tonight is over. All I want to do is hit the sack.
        Hudson: Why would you want to hit a sack?
        Brooklyn: Oh. It means she's tired, and wants to go to sleep.
        Hudson: Then why didn't she say so?

      • Demona: You are brave, human, but stupid.
        Elisa: I'm unarmed.
        Demona: That was your first mistake, and your last.

      • Desdemona: Is this right? To do nothing is not the gargoyle way.
        Coldstone: We are no longer gargoyles. We are... shadows.
        Weird Sisters: Even shadows must be true to their shade.

      • Coldstone: I never dreamt I'd see the sun. Why haven't I turned to stone?
        Demona: Because you are no longer a gargoyle. Day or night, you are Coldstone.

      • Goliath: They must have both escaped the Weird Sisters together.
        Broadway: But why team up? They hate each other.
        Hudson: Maybe misery loves company.

      • MacBeth: Is it supposed to hurt that much? I thought you said the changeling, Puck, turns you to a human during the day as a gift.
        Demona: Puck's gifts always come with a price. My only consolation is that our magical link allows you to suffer as well.

      • Desdemona: Oh, wonderful. I had thought the season for heather had passed. Alas, it has no scent. Like everything here, it is not real.
        Coldstone: It's true this world has no substance. But it also has nothing that can separate us.
        Desdemona: You're right, my love. That alone makes it beautiful.
        Coldstone: As are you.

    • NOTES (2)

      • To further drive home the allegory of Coldstone, Iago, and Desdemona to Shakespeare's Othello, they slip in an in-joke: "Othello" is the password Lexington tries to get into Coldstone's systems.

      • The police officer that Keith David (Goliath) has provided an uncredited voice for in the past appears here and is given a name - Morgan. His full name is Morgan Morgan. Elisa's original name in fact was suppose to be Morgan.

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