Season 2 Episode 13

High Noon

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Sep 25, 1995 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

While Elisa begins to feel the strain of her duel life as a cop and protector of the Gargoyles, Lexington and the others try to find a way to help Coldstone and Desdemona, who are trapped in the virtual world with a hostile Iago. As Elisa is going on shift she spots MacBeth and a human Demona sneaking into the police station. She confronts them and is surprised to discover the two of them working together (see City of Stone), but is knocked unconscious - when she wakes up, Coldstone is gone.

The clan tracks the duo to their lair and manages to knock them both out. However, Iago has taken over the Coldstone body and, working for MacBeth and Demona, lures the gargoyles into a trap. Demona then confronts Elisa in her human form and dares her to come to Central Park to rescue the stone gargoyles at noon.

Elisa accepts the challenge and shows up - she and Demona (in human form) spar. Meanwhile, Coldstone and Desdemona manage to take control of the Coldstone body from Iago and attack MacBeth. He and Demona flee and Coldstone departs rather then risk exposing the gargoyles to danger if Iago were to take control again. MacBeth and Demona reveal that the whole scheme was a distraction for them to recover three magic artifacts. However, they quickly realize they also don't know why they are working together and when they attack each other...the Weird Sisters show up and freeze them. The Sisters reveal they manipulated the two into working together so that the Sisters could get the artifacts for some upcoming battle - they take the talismans and depart.