Season 2 Episode 50

Hunter's Moon, Part One

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 13, 1996 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Scotland, 994 - Demona, prior to her binding with MacBeth, is raiding a stable when a young boy confronts her. She scars his face and leaves and the boy swears vengeance on her and all gargoyles.

In New York City, Elisa is undercover working the subway and takes down a gang with the help of the Clan. They return to the clock tower, while Elisa files a report with Captain Chavez, who transfer her to day shift and gives her a new partner � Jason Conover. They're traveling the docks when they spot a break-in at a Xanatos warehouse. The thieves get away with a canister of a chemical, DI/7, and the two detectives pursue through the streets and capture most of them in Central Park.

As Dominique Destine during the day, Demona is hiring a new employee, Robyn Correy, when one of the escaped thieves shows up. Robyn is hastily dismissed and Demona transforms with the sunset while the gargoyles awaken. Matt Bluestone confronts Xanatos, who denies everything and claims the chemical is a disinfectant. The gargoyles split up to watch the two locations where the chemical is kept while Elisa goes to bed for the night. Xanatos meets with a reporter, Jon Carter, who is strongly interested in gargoyles. After he leaves, Xanatos reviews the security tape and spots him secretly grabbing a piece of stone skin.

Angela, Hudson, and Goliath are at one of the chemical sites when a hovercraft arrive and two men and a woman, all wearing scarred masks and calling themselves "Hunters" attack. They apparently recognize Angela, calling her "the demon," and shoot her. A stunned Angela plummets off the rooftop and Goliath and Hudson break off the fight to rescue her. At the other site, Demona arrives and Brooklyn, Broadway, Bronx, and Lexington attack. In the ensuing battle a fire starts and Demona escapes in the confusion.

As the Hunters depart, the eldest one swears to eradicate all gargoyles over the protestations of his two associates. And with dawn hours away and Angela badly injured, Goliath swears vengeance on the Hunters.