Season 2 Episode 50

Hunter's Moon, Part One

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 13, 1996 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Gillecomgain's father, though not named in the episodes, is Mail Brigti.

    • When Demona fires at Broadway through the van, the first shot leaves a molten hole to his left. But the second shot passes through and the spot to his right just glows red and then turns solid again.

    • When Elisa pursues the thieves' van, the back doors are open and they're shooting. Then they pull into Central Park and the doors are closed and no one's shooting. Then in the next shot the doors are wide open and the crooks are shooting again.

    • After Angela is wounded by the hunters, Goliath and Hudson go down to the ground to help her. Goliath reaches her first and carries her off the car she fell on with Hudson behind him. As the hunters continue shooting at them in the faraway shot as they run off, it looks like Hudson is the one carrying Angela with Goliath behind him with no indication of any switch between them.

    • Each gargoyle has a different design to their wings. Goliath, Hudson, and Broadway have the familiar bat-like design to their wings (with a number of sharp points on the bottom), whereas Brooklyn has long, smooth-shaped wings, and Lexington has the gliding squirrel-type design which attach directly below his arms. However, in the fight scene between Demona and Brooklyn, the latter's wing design changes in a faraway shot to the traditional bat-like design resembling Goliath's.

  • Quotes

    • Angela: Ah, this is a good life.
      Broadway: Yeah. Just one thing would it perfect.
      Lexington: Breakfast?
      Broadway: How did you know?

    • Broadway: Are we good or what?
      Brooklyn: Yup, defenders of the night, stopping evil stone cold.

    • Dominique Destine: Why do the little people always frustrate me? Well, if you want something done right... (turns into a gargoyle) do it yourself.

    • Dominique Destine: I never work nights, Robyn. I must have my, um, beauty sleep.

    • Jon: Speaking of gargoyles, what's your opinion on these urban myths about real live gargoyles in New York? Seems everybody's got a friend or a cousin or a dentist who's seen one.

    • Xanatos: Alex, can you say 'harassment'? (Alex babbles) I knew that you could.

    • Elisa: Later, guys. I got a date with a pillow.

    • Goliath: They did this to her, those masked hunters. On my daughter's life, I swear I will hunt them down, and I will kill them.

  • Notes

    • Although he's not credited at many fan sites such as The Gargoyles Encyclopedia, the Jogger, last seen in "Vendettas," is briefly seen as Elisa drives through Central Park.

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