Season 2 Episode 52

Hunter's Moon, Part Three

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 15, 1996 on ABC Family

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  • With the clocktower destroyed, the Gargoyles go to Elisa's home. They find a way to track the hunters, and Goliath goes after them. Broadway & Elisa go too, and while Goliath battles a hunter, Elisa is thrown off a waterfall. What will Goliath do now?

    I think this episode is the best of the Hunter's Moon episodes. It is a must see. First the clocktower is destroyed, and then Elisa is thought to be dead. Goliath goes through a cycle of vengence, and doesn't realize that his vengence is affecting his clan. This last episode turned the gargoyles' lives around. We also find out what happened in the Canmore's past and why they hunt gargoyles. One big moment is Goliath and Elisa's last scene together. Even though this was the season finale, the show continues on in comic book form from this point on.