Season 2 Episode 51

Hunter's Moon, Part Two

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 14, 1996 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

In Florence, Italy in the 14th century, Demona breaks into a museum and steals a tablet, but is attacked by The Hunter, who attacks her via a Da Vinci-style hang glider. He nets her and sends her plunging into the river, but she manages to escape and slip away. The Hunter vows that his ancestors will continue the Hunt until the last Gargoyle dies.

In modern-day New York City, Elisa arrives as the gargoyles wait for sunrise to heal Angela. Elisa administers CPR to stabilize her and the gargoyles inform Elisa of the Hunters just before the sun rises. Outside, Matt is greeted by reporters, including Jon Carter, who asks him about the gargoyles. He deflects their questions while Elisa and her new partner Jason Conover take off to investigate the break-ins. Elisa privately confronts Owen, who denies any involvement by Xanatos and offers their assistance. Demona (as Dominique) meets with her new assistant Robyn Correy and introduces her to Dr. Sevarius. Sevarius is working on a contagious virus that can be used to create cures... or even more virulent diseases.

That night, the gargoyles awaken and a furious Goliath and Angela lead the others off after the Hunters. Elisa arrives just too late and ends up with Jason - they go to Elisa's apartment for dinner. The two kiss as Goliath covertly looks on, but Elisa backs off, unsure of her relationship with Goliath, and Jason leaves. Flying away, Goliath spots the Hunter's hovercarrier and leads Brooklyn and Lexington in an assault. They break in and confront the two lesser Hunters, only to see Demona. They capture her but she warns that they're all in danger as the Hunters arrive and capture them all.

Demona tells the Clan that she decided to strike against the ones who have been hunting her for a thousand years, and that she decided to strike back. They decide to ally together and Lexington figures out how to bypass the electrified cell door and get out. They knock out the two Hunters but Goliath wants their leader. They leave and Goliath lets Demona depart despite her involvement in the DI-7 theft. The Hunters reveals that they are... Jon Carter and Robyn Correy, brother and sister. Their leader returns and reveals himself as their brother... Jason Conover. Robyn reveals they let them go and planted a tracer on them to track them to their lair. She's also figured out that Demona and Dominique are one and the same.

The gargoyles return to the Clocktower, and over Jon's objections, Robyn and Jason fire missiles to destroy it as Elisa arrives down below. Jason sees her and goes to her rescue, flying through the station to grab her, as missiles tear into the tower and the police station below it.