Season 2 Episode 51

Hunter's Moon, Part Two

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 14, 1996 on ABC Family

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  • Goliath is in full rage & wants revenge on the hunters for hurting Angela. He finds them with Brooklyn & Lex & takes the fight to them. They are capture, but escape with Demona's help. Goliath doesn't know that a tracer was put on him until it's too late.

    Another good episode. The Elisa/Jason angle is explored more, especially when they go to eat at her place. That's when we find out the conflict in Elisa between Jason and Goliath. Something else in this episode is Goliath going bad. You don't see him this angry very often. He is so full of hate and revenge that you could compare him to Demona. In fact they do compare them in the episode. But I gotta say that if you think he was mad in this episode, you have to see him in the next one.