Season 2 Episode 29


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 21, 1995 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

In London, criminals plague the streets while two masked magic-shop owners state it's none of their business. Goliath & co. arrive and see a statue of a WW 2 plane with gargoyles on the wings – one of which is Goliath. A helpful cab driver directs Elisa to the magic shop where she has a run-in with the same thugs. Goliath and the others intervene and the shop owners reveal they are real gargoyles, Una and Leo, and ask Goliath where Griff is, and claim they believed Goliath had died as well after leading Griff to his death.

The English gargoyles claim they met Goliath in 1940 during the Battle of Briton, much to Goliath's confusion. Una renders them all unconscious with a magic spell, then hides the others and wakes up Goliath. With no other answers, Goliath uses the Phoenix Gate to travel to 1940 and Griff rescues him. While Una and Leo are reluctant to aid the English against the Nazis, Goliath volunteers his help and vows that he won't let anything happen to Griff "this time." The two gargoyles come to the aid of the English pilots and Goliath is wounded. They land but Griff is plagued by incidents that demonstrate that Fate plans to make sure Griff does not return to his home in 1940. As a plane closes in, Goliath returns both of them to the magic shop in the present, cheating fate and reuniting him with his comrades. They release the others and they return to the waters while all of the English clan unit to take care of the riff-raff.
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