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  • Underrated Show

    A great series, but it never got the praise or attention it deserved like other shows such as Avatar: The Last Airbender or Batman: The Animated series. Although I do find those latter two series to be superior, Gargoyles definitely deserved to get almost as much praise.
  • Liked a bit

    Various ep (97)
  • Greatest Cartoon Ever!

    i grew up watching Gargoyles back when i was 11 yrs old (i'm 28 now) and i can admit it's still one of the greatest 90's shows ever!! it's one of my favorites, and it always will be one of my favorites, i recently got to watch it back in March of this year when Disney XD was on free preview (i have satellite). so it was nice to catch one of my favorite childhood shows again.. =)
  • A True Classic

    That was my childhood favorite to this day.
  • Mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

    This Disney after-school TV series had many multiple episode story arches. It's not what you'd expect from a Disney cartoon- it's darker, more dramatic, a great mix of sci-fi and fantasy. As the series progresses more and more mythical and Shakespearian characters pop up and many Star Trek actors provide their voices. From animation voice actor regulars like Thom Adcox-Hernadez, Kath Soucie, Ed Gilbert, Bill ***erbakke, Jeff Bennett and Frank Welker to more familiar faces like Clancy Brown, Edward Asner, Sallie Richardson, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes and Keith David the cast is stunning. I stand by my 10-star rating for the story of these heroes!
  • The dark and more mature side of Disney

    Disney is known for creating happy and friendly TV shows, but that doesn't mean that they aren't dark either. Their first and only dark show, Gargoyles, was a successful answer to the growing popularity to Batman: TAS and in my opinion is one of Disney's greatest shows ever. The show is about Gargoyles who once long ago were defenders of the night. However a group of humans betrayed and destroyed most of the Gargoyles, now there are only 6. To save themselves, the leader of the Gargoyles, Goliath, made a human freeze him and his other Gargoyles in stone. For 1000 years they stay frozen until, a man named David Xanatos broke the spell and they live again. We then meet the other Gargoyles. Hudson, named after the Hudson River, is a wise old Gargoyle who still knows how to pack a punch. Lexington is a mechanical genius. Brooklyn is 2nd in command of the Gargoyles and a bit rebellious. Broadway is the comedy relief, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get serious. Bronx is the dog like Gargoyle who can't fly, but is quick and ferocious. Finally, Goliath, the leader of the Gargoyles. Even the villains are interesting, ranging from magical creatures like Puck and even Demona, a gargoyle who survived the purge 1000 years ago and was Goliath's love interest becomes evil after years of hatred toward humans. All the characters in this show are perfectly developed and we get plenty of back story about them and why they became the way they did in the show. The voice work is done mostly by cast members of Star Trek: TNG, and each one of them do a great job and everyone else does a superb job as well. The stories are very interesting and are very creative as well. While the show is dark most of the time, it does a good job of also being a bit light as well. The artwork is excellent and some of the best I have ever seen on a cartoon, you can feel the dark atmosphere as you see the show and the characters are drawn uniquely. The animation is also some of the best I have ever seen and there is never the same animation used again and again. Bottom Line, this is a must see show in TV. It has complex characters, gripping stories, and while dark, it can be light from time to time. See these defenders of the night if you can on the internet or find them on DVD and check out this gem from Disney.
  • Stone by day, warriors by night, we were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Now, here in Manhattan, the spell is broken, and we live again! We are defenders of the night.

    I use to watch this animated series when I was younger and when the series was still airing on television. It was one of best animated series that Disney Channel created, after all it last a few years before they had to end the series for whatever reasons. I use to stay up late to watch the series. Anyway, this series is great for kids and to anyone interested in the series for whatever reason. I am glad I was able to see this series while it was still airing on television. Good luck for those who got looking for this series.
  • a really good show that i watch as a kid

    gargolyes was a show about gargoyles that once lived with the humans thousands of years ago but they were tricked by the humans and they were turned to stone by a spell that was cast and they could not wake up for 2000 years so they wake up in like the what looks like the 90s new york. and there castle is transported to the top of a billionair byt he name of santoes and he lets them live there to they find out he is against them. its a relly good show and i enjoyed watching it i seen all the eps and own all the boxsets of the show that are out.
  • Creative

    I didn't watch gargoyles very much when I was very young, but about the time I was 10 I started watching it and felt like I had missed out on a good thing. It's very creative and I don't see many shows like this on the disney channel to begin with. The villans are cool and the stories are intresting.

    It's not afraid to kill a few people, even if there is no blood there is still people dying, and that is pretty cool for disney.

    There is a reason it's still on late on Toon Disney, because it's awsome and great to watch in the dark.
  • An okay show.

    I liked this show once in a while. It managed to keep my interest when there was nothing else on. I must say that it got old after a few episodes. I don't think I ever cared if I missed the show because it wasn't even a show in which I wanted to watch if there were other shows on. The action is what I actually liked, but aside from that, there wasn't much to hold my interest. The storylines were boring and predictable, and the entertainment value was just okay. Overall, this was an okay show that had some decent entertainment value, but wasn't one of my favorites. Thank you.
  • A great series that should be turned into a feature film.

    The show is really,really well written with great characters.I dont know how succesful the show was during its time but to me it screams to be made into a film franchise.I dont understand why disney,or any other film company for that matter hasnt looked at this and seen potential,especially now that everyones looking for a franchise films.Even if people arent familiar with the series it could get people to the theatres if done right.With movies like batman,spiderman,iron man,lord of the rings,narnia,harry potter all hitting big i see no reason why the gargoyles couldnt be as big,or possibly bigger.Theres a lot of potential there and i really hope at some point someone will take a chance and bring this to the big screen.I wouldnt mind seeing a new tv series based on the characters but the original still holds up extremely well and i see no need,unless they just wanted to extend the story and just pick up were the last episode left off.Anyways i love the series and hope to see it continued in some form or another.
  • Absolutely the most imaginative, and original animated show ever..well, most of it anyway.

    The only reason my score on this is not a perfect one, is The Goliath Chronicles. The supposed "Season Three" with that title, (counted here as an official part of Gargoyles, was almost as large an insult to fans as Galactica 1980 was to fans of IT'S predecessor. I say, almost, because at least the characters and voices remained the same, but the quality dipped to an all time low. That being said, "Chronicles' was not all that bad on it's own merits..but in reference to what came before it... an abysmal disapointment. Gargoyles, when it premiered, was an astonishing shock to the system. Animation, story, and characters, that not only equaled whatever Disney put into it's big screen classics, but effectively surpassed most of them. A big screen epic made for television, Gargoyles was a sweeping, and grand episodic fairy tale, set in the real world of Manhattan, New York. One thousand years ago in Scotland, an ancient and noble race of Gargoyles (alive and formidable by night, stone statues by day) lived and fought alongside humans, but were treated as inferiors, and lowly creatures..from the very humans they had lived to protect. Through a tightly woven story of violence and betrayal, they are cursed to remain stone until the day that the castle in which they faught and dwelled "rises above the clouds". Fast forward to New York in the not so distant future...a ruthless multi-billionare named David Xanatos, funds the careful deconstruction and painstaking re-building of the castle high atop his own skyscraper...effectively breaking the curse, and the Gargoyles live again, in a world their minds can barely comprehend. Xanatos learned of the curse long ago, and plans to use the Gargoyles for his own not-so-nice purposes, under the guise of friendship. In the process of this story, Goliath, leader of the clan, meets up with a young, but tough and honest cop, Elisa Mazza, who quickly discovers Xanatos's deciet, and tries to convince Goliath of the truth. She offers her protection, and genuine friendship to Goliath and his clan, who offer their protection to the city in return, hoping against hope not to reveal themselves to fast to a populous that would react violently out fear of what they don't understand. One of the unique appeals of this show is the realism in which the stories depict the characters. The characters are multi-faceted. They learn, change, and grow. They learn hard lessons in an alien world. One of the Gargoyles, Broadway...has a gleeful facination with any kind of fiction involving guns. While playing with Elisa's gun in her apartment, he accidentaly shoots her..and she almost dies. Actions have consequences, and not everything you see is to be believed as real. Along the course of the story, we get peeks into history and mythology (particularly of Scotland, kings and princesses, that kind of thing) and we delve a lot into the themes and characters of William Shakespeare . There's even some time-travel and stories about real life secret societies for all you conspiracy theorists out there. Although financed by Disney, it never officially carried the Disney name. Because of it's dark tone and serious subject matters, and despite the fact that it garnered a loyal fan base, most of it's target audience, adults and young-adults, never really became aware of the show enough to give it an audience to keep the quality and high standards of storytelling to keep it alive. It disapeared for a short time after two seasons, then reappeared with a vastly cut budget and creative team, calling itself "Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles". This show had a substantially lighter tone, and was more focused on life lessons for kiddies through the telling of Goliath's captain's log type entries. The creator of Gargoyles and it's founding father Gregg Wiseman left the show entirely, and it died a quick death. "Chronicles" has not been accepted as canon in the Gargoyles mythology by the fans. DVD releases for the first and half of the second seasons were never issued promotional campaigns, and I'd venture to say without conventions, fan forums, or word of mouth by Wiseman, might have gone unnoticed by much of the fan base. As a result, Season Two, according to Disney, did not sell well enough to warrant a release of Vol 2. So even in a land where the most dreadful of old shows warrant DVD releases, the Gargoyles saga remains incomplete in the format. One of the greatest crimes is that the mainstream audience to which this series might appeal to is not even aware of it's existence. If they were, it might not only bring on the Vol. 2 release, but might bring the show back. Check it out for yourself. See what you think. If you like what you see, tell your friends, and tell Disney. If any show deserves widespread exposure and a revival, it's this one. Trust me on this.
  • Gargoyles is a fabulous show which was ahead of its time period. The Characters have good personalities with interesting character flaws.The character dynamic is fascinating and the show overall deserves An A+.

    Gargoyles is a fabulous show which was ahead of its time period. The Characters have good personalities with interesting character flaws.The character dynamic is fascinating and the show overall deserves An A+.
    Goliath is a likable character with a strong sense of morals. Elisa is a fun love interest of Goliaths and a cop as well which offers great opportunities to the gargoyles to stop crime in the city. Demona is a personal favorite character of mine and to me she is the most realistic, I mean honestly how many people do you know who defend those who are of afraid of and hate you. She was betrayed and wants revenge that is hardly a crime in my book. Bronx, Broadway, Lexington, and Hudson are are likable and interesting and get their own episodes form time to time so that you can peek into their heads and see what is going on in there. I recently bought the first season on DVD and am thoroughly satisfied.
  • the best show in america during its time period

    ahhhh what to say about this show wich i love hmmm..... id have to say AMAZING!!! charecters amazing the series amazing i really love this series fun to watch easy to follow very suspensful leaving kids to want much much more great familly show i dont reaally know what to say its just awsome and ive always loved it sense i was like 5 you wouldnt even know!! so umm yeah i guess you can say its the best of all things amazing i really love it and i hope alot of you guys do too its just ahhh amazing hopefully by my review youll spend some time to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • When Gargoyles firsted aired in the UK in 1994 I never knew what being addicted to a show really was.

    This show is nostalgia to me now, I was only... 12 years old, so it was with me through my teenage years. But what a show to be brought up with. This wasn't a mere Disney cartoon full of happiness and everyone lived happily ever after, this was real.
    Although it was edited after the first airing, what with the blood that had been shown (First ep when the viking attacked Goliath who had just woken from his day sleep, Goliath had been cut and you could see the blood) was a wake up call to me, it was time to actaully grow up; although I didn't want to leave behind the world of cartoons that I loved to watch.
    It was strange then, as it is now, that Disney created such a concept, that they would actually broadcast such a show that was for teenagers and even adults to watch.
    Part of me wishes it wasn't cancelled, and yet another part of me felt like, after the final session, what was the point? Disney had finally managed to give Gargoyles the happy endding it should never have had. Gargoyles was about real live, albet it also had a heap of magic place into it as well, but why not? The show would have had an even greater following; however though it's seen as a classic and I do look back with a lot of nostalgia, I also wish that the UK Disney would get with the programe and allow the Gargoyles DVD to be released over here too.
  • This is the definition of good story-telling. It is a great series that utilizes character development and plot twists to create an amazing Gargoyles Universe.

    I loved this series. It is the antitheisis of exceptional story-telling. The characters are round and rich. The villans are true villans, some seeking redemption, some pure evil. The heroes are flawed, living in a world they don't fully understand. The iniverse is different and more importantly established. I love the fact that the story continues in comic book form. This show was meant for kids but I hold it in high regard as one of my personal favorite shows in TV history. Coming from me, that is exceptional praise. I feel it was slightly before it's time. It reminds me somewhat of Avatar: The Last Airbender. A child's show that appeals to people of all ages. If you like Avatar, take a watch of this series. You will get hooked.
  • Gargoyles, believed to be either to have never existed or are now extinct, appear 1000 years after a spell is placed on them when the spell is broken in none other than new york city where the fun really begins. The funny thing is the gargoyles' names.

    a very good show, highly enjoyable with the mythical element of gargoyles thrown into the mix of good storylines and cool characters. Throughout the series, the gargoyles gain many enemies who constantly try to defeat them but the gargoyles are stronger and tougher and smarter than most of them. To add to the greatness of the show, the gargoyles are named after either sections of new york city or streets like brooklyn, lexington, bronx etc... . The gargoyles then meet their contact to the human world in a female police officer named elisa maza who helps the gargoyles out of tight spots and seems to have a bit of a love relationship with goliath, leader of the gargoyles.
  • Brilliant, simply brilliant.

    I watched Gargoyles as a kid, it was my guilty pleasure back then. I was a young teen watching what I thought was a kids cartoon aimed at young boys. Boy was I wrong.

    Watching it again as an adult I realise quite how mature an audience it was truely aimed at. The language, the plots and the use of history and shakespear go completely over the heads of the kids who watched it back in the 90's. The villians are esquisite, from the truely tragic to the sympathetic to the downright brilliant evil genious. None of the villians really have that "i'm evil just because". Characters always had motivation, always had a reason for what they did. That's what set Gargoyles apart from so many other action cartoons of the 90's, that and the complex plot.

    Season 1 set a wonderful scene and season 2 just shot it all out of the park. Disregarding the frankly rather dull at times avalon saga, the rest of season 2 is a gem with a huge amount of character development and allies and enemies gained on all sides. Gargoyles is possibly the most unDisney Disney cartoon ever produced, touching on subjects like gun use (a bit of a moralistic episode mind), pregnancy and death. Heck, one character even ends up paralised from the waist down!
    There were hysterical humans living in fear of monsters in the night, there were bad guys you could actually empathise with and at times hoped would succeed, there were evil geniuses who's plans were so convoluted that you found yourself going "woah" when they finally revealed the plot. There was humor and drama, action and indeed even a bit of romance. Gargoyles runs much more like the warner brothers cartoons of it's time, with parallells with Batman the animated series and Justice League. However, it sets itself apart from the others with it's intellect and wit.

    Buy the dvds! get the comics published by SLG! Gargoyles was and still is a brilliant cartoon that has barely aged a day since it was made.
  • A show worth watching, and owning. The current comics from Slave Labor Graphics is equally worth buying.

    I probably couldn't do the series justice in my review, but I'll certainly try.

    Like many, I enjoy the show for it's appealing characters and interesting stories. The show demonstrates originality in coming up with rarely used ideas or putting a spin on established cliches.

    An example would be the episode "Future Tense". The episode at surface appears to be a copout as the events were a dream. When infact it serves to foreshadow future episode/comic story elements.

    The show is also well balanced. While I do have a share of favorite adult cartoons, Gargoyles manages to be adult/mature without relying on adult content nonstop. It's serious without being depressing.

    Here's hoping the comic will continue for a long time.
  • Disney dropped the ball with this one.

    O.K., Disney fans. You wanted me to do a positive review of a Disney show? Well this is it. "Gargoyles", plain and simple, rocked! It was the first Disney cartoon (or show in general) with any true guts. (At least that I can remember - and I'm pretty old.) Yeah, the plot was way over the top. But the mythological element behind it made the show enjoyable. "Gargoyles" rivaled some of the better Warner Brothers cartoons of its day, including "Batman", and was often aired opposite its WB rival. In some cases, I believe the shows were aired back to back on the same networks. (I'm not certain of this, but will check on it.) "Gargoyles" had all the values common to other Disney shows, such as the importance of true friends, yet did not portray it in the traditional, "gushy" Disney style that I dislike so intensely. The combat action matched the best that other studios were putting out at that time, and surpasses, by far, any other attempts made by Disney to depict fighting. (i.e. "Kim Possible") With the killing of "Gargoyles", Disney snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
  • This alone made Disney Co.'s existence worthwhile.

    Forget "The Simpsons", this is easily the best animated show ever! All of today's cartoons should use this show as a textbook.
    A lot of animators and fans who are hopeful animators have drawn their inspiration from this show and it's perfect for anyone who's into legends, myths, or anything! Shakespeare, vikings, princes and princesses, King Arthur, Avalon, Puck, Macbeth, and other creatures like the gargoyles are all included!
    I hate Disney for taking this away, giving us crappy programming and films, and refusing to release the second volume of season 2! It's like a mix of Batman TAS and X-Men but a lot more sophisticated and in a league of its own--I don't even think any cartoons today are sophisticated with the exception of Avatar. With well-rounded characters you grow to love, a nice dark edge, absolutely genius writing, great voice acting, and practically any element (even Shakespearean work) you can put in an episode are done to perfection! The writing, voice acting, characters, and animation, will never be matched. If you don't like this show, you might as well stop watching TV because you'll never see anything like this again! 11/10
  • What if Gargoyles were stone by day, alive by night? And what if they lived in our time? That's what Gargoyles is; a clan of Gargoyles from Scotland brought to New York and this is their adventures.

    These Gargoyles have quite a series of adventures; enemies more or less on all sides, most of the civilians not sure what to make of them besides 'monsters'. They are alone in this world, and trying to make a living while still being Gargoyles and doing what they do; protecting.

    In protecting the city, there are a lot of different types of enemies they run into, ranging from a Gargoyle who wants to destroy all humans, a robotic Gargoyle, a rich scheming human, magical beings and of course what list would be complete without the Illuminati? That's right, the secret society so powerful it's supposed to be ruling the world makes appearances in this show as a 'villian' for the Gargoyle heroes to contend with, or to play off of. Of course, as things progress, they make friends as well, even going so far as to bringing in King Arthur.

    The stories are always well-written (especially the first two seasons), and there are pieces being sown all the way back from episode one that gets used all the way in the ending.

    While it's not necessary, I would recommend that you do a search for "Ask Greg" where he answers a lot of people's questions about the show, since he had planned this to go on for a lot longer and even had about 5 spinoff shows using the Gargoyles characters and the Gargoyles universe. I personally haven't looked at the comic series since I can't find it in my area, but people also say that is a continuation of the show, so I suggest any true fans looking for it.
  • This show was pretty cool.

    This was a pretty interesting show that occasionally caught attention. It was a nice action show for kids. It wasn't too corny or aggravatingly cheesey, and it wasn't too intense for the audience it was intended for. It had an interesting storyline and protagonists, as well as interesting antagonists. I still find it interesting on the rare occasions that toon disney shows it.
  • They need to bring Gargoyles back!

    This was the best Disney cartoon ever made! They shud not have let it end seasons 1 and 2 were grate but 3 was no were close to the ferst two. this was the first cartoon to show some one git shot blood and all! There has yet to be a Disney cartoon to live up to it's level. I rilly thank some in Disney most not like this show or they wold not have let it end! Thank God for Netflix is all I can say! Bring Gargoyles back! P.S. Rilly sarry for bad spelling. Hppy New Years! LATTER DAYZ!
  • this was the best disney cartoon ever this show should have never ended amazing this show passed 65 episodes impressive

    i love the gargolyes the best disney cartoon ever disney must hate the gargoyles or something i just hope theres dvds i love this show i watchhed this show back when i was 5 years old i think its too bad it ended best disney cartoon ever so i give this show a 10.0 out of 10.0
  • Best Animated show ever!!!

    If you grew up in the 90's, and you were A) an outcast B) a cartoon lover C) a mythology nerd or D) all of the above; you probably
    watched Gargoyles. One of the first serialized children's animation shows
    (and one of the smartest), it weaved a rich tapestry of storylines borrowing from influences as diverse as cop shows, history from the Dark Ages to
    today, Shakespeare and mythology from around the world. By daylight
    gargoyles are those statues on the corners of buildings, at night they
    awaken into fierce, intelligent creatures sworn to protect humans and battle
    crime and injustice. Aided by NYPD detective Elisa Maza, they face not only
    evil Machiavellian billionaire David Xanatos and his henchmen, human and robotic; rogue gargoyle Demona and of course, ununderstanding humans. If
    the Shakespeareinfluence isn't nerdy enough for you, a large amount of the
    main and guest voice actors were from the Star Trek series, TNG in particular. Riker, Troi, Worf, Data, LaForge, even Janeway, Sisko and Uhura
    all lent their vocal cords in a sort of The Next Generation: The Next
    Generation. A perfect blend of magic, science, comedy, drama, complex stories and three-dimensional characters make for the best animated show
    ever. Season one and the first 27 episodes of season 2 are on DVD now and a
    comic book also launched this summer.
  • An awsome show

    Gargoyles is probably one of the best shows to ever be on Toon Disney, along with Darkwing Duck and Oban Star Racers. Too bad there will probably never be any other shows this good on Toon Disney in the near future.

    The show had all that an action show should have. It had round, realistic characters who grew over time, cool villians, and interesting story lines. the designs for the gargoyles themselves are also cool. They remind me of satanic demons.

    The other side characters are also good, particularly the matates. Xanatos and Demona made great villians and The Pack were good hench men.

    All in all, a strong show. Too bad it ended. But there is good news. Slave Labor Graphics (the company that publishes Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl) is publishing and comic book series based on the show. I recommend all who watch the show to go to your nearest comic book store and buy it now.
  • What a great story subject this show had.

    I grew up watching gargoles. I just love Golaith and the gang. It was such a concept to have living gargoyles in modern day. Plus it was interesting how the would show the past of the characters. I loved how they fought crime, yet the stupid people still wanted their heads. It was great how the show had the gargoyles battle new enemies and those from a thousand years ago. I loved how they had celtic and british myth folded in to the story lines. The voices for the characters were perfect. EVen if most were from teh different star trek shows.
  • This show was awesome !!! My sisters and i grew up with it and when it went away we were totally bummed. This show was better that most of the stuff on air for kids now.

    This show really highlighted on the effects of discrimination in the world. It really made you think about things like "What would happen if I had to hide around and mask my identity if all I wanted to do was help people?" This was overall one of the greatest shows of my generation and was loved by many a person both kid and adult. My sisters and I still reminisce about the good old days when the good cartoons were on. It brought a simple idea to light and ran away with it. It was INCREDIBLE !!! I have yet to see a show to cast a shadow on it.
  • Disney, I spit on you!

    Best animated show ever!
    How dare Disney take this away, give us crappy programming and films, and refuse to release the second volume of season 2! Like I said, this is perhaps the greatest cartoon EVER made! Well-rounded characters, dark edge, superb writing, great voice acting, and practically any element (even Shakespearean work) you can put in an episode done to perfection! I can't put into words how great this show is! Let me contradict the reviewer above me and say that this really is Disney's best cartoon ever--if not THE best ever! If you don't like this show, you are not human. Apparently the guys running Disney today aren't.

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