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  • The dark and more mature side of Disney

    Disney is known for creating happy and friendly TV shows, but that doesn't mean that they aren't dark either. Their first and only dark show, Gargoyles, was a successful answer to the growing popularity to Batman: TAS and in my opinion is one of Disney's greatest shows ever. The show is about Gargoyles who once long ago were defenders of the night. However a group of humans betrayed and destroyed most of the Gargoyles, now there are only 6. To save themselves, the leader of the Gargoyles, Goliath, made a human freeze him and his other Gargoyles in stone. For 1000 years they stay frozen until, a man named David Xanatos broke the spell and they live again. We then meet the other Gargoyles. Hudson, named after the Hudson River, is a wise old Gargoyle who still knows how to pack a punch. Lexington is a mechanical genius. Brooklyn is 2nd in command of the Gargoyles and a bit rebellious. Broadway is the comedy relief, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get serious. Bronx is the dog like Gargoyle who can't fly, but is quick and ferocious. Finally, Goliath, the leader of the Gargoyles. Even the villains are interesting, ranging from magical creatures like Puck and even Demona, a gargoyle who survived the purge 1000 years ago and was Goliath's love interest becomes evil after years of hatred toward humans. All the characters in this show are perfectly developed and we get plenty of back story about them and why they became the way they did in the show. The voice work is done mostly by cast members of Star Trek: TNG, and each one of them do a great job and everyone else does a superb job as well. The stories are very interesting and are very creative as well. While the show is dark most of the time, it does a good job of also being a bit light as well. The artwork is excellent and some of the best I have ever seen on a cartoon, you can feel the dark atmosphere as you see the show and the characters are drawn uniquely. The animation is also some of the best I have ever seen and there is never the same animation used again and again. Bottom Line, this is a must see show in TV. It has complex characters, gripping stories, and while dark, it can be light from time to time. See these defenders of the night if you can on the internet or find them on DVD and check out this gem from Disney.
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