Season 3 Episode 12

Seeing Isn't Believing

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 08, 1997 on ABC Family



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    • Taurus: I am... deeply indebted to you.
      Elisa: You're a good cop. I'd say we're even.
      Taurus: You humans really aren't so bad after all. In small doses.

    • Goliath: Trust between friends is a fragile gift, built upon a mercurial foundation of instinct, sentiment, and hope. Yet without it, life becomes bitter and barren. To challenge such a frail bond is a worrisome thing. Though trust can grow stronger when tested, the real question is: can it survive the test?

    • Goliath: Help! I'm tied to this chair.
      Proteus: (as Elisa) I've got you, Goliath. (picks up sword) What's the matter? Don't you trust me?

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