Season 2 Episode 39


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 19, 1996 on ABC Family
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Arriving on Easter Island, Elisa is hit by taken by a strange being. When she is found again, she has no memories of herself... or the Gargoyles.

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  • The skiff lands on Easter Island. While Elisa is asleep, an alien named Nokar takes her. He erases her memory and, thinking the gargoyles are Space Spawn, tells her Goliath is her enemy. Will Elisa's memory come back before Nokar destroys the gargoyles?moreless

    It had been a while since I'd seen this one, so I went back and watched again to remember all the things that happened. It's not one of my favorites, but it wasn't bad. I think the idea that was explored in the episode that Elisa can't remember the gargoyles is interesting and funny. I like her "Tiny" comment to Goliath. I also like that they introduced Nokar and the Space Spawn in this episode. Another spin-off idea for Gargoyles (called Gargoyles 2198) has Nokar in it along with bad aliens called Space Spawn who take over the world.moreless
Avery Brooks

Avery Brooks


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B.J. Ward

B.J. Ward

Professor Duane

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Clyde Kusatsu

Clyde Kusatsu

Dr. Arnada

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Frank Welker

Frank Welker


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Elisa says "I can't believe I was carrying an empty revolver" as she is re-holstering her semi-automatic.
      Wrong gun type.

    • Nokkar had been on Earth for centuries, but he did not seem to know what Gargoyles were.

    • Why does Nokkar ask Elisa if she knows the truth about gargoyles? He already acknowledged he gave her amnesia – how does he think she can coherently testify to anything?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Goliath: I cannot believe you pulled the trigger on me.
      Elisa: Yeah? Well, I can't believe I was carrying an empty revolver. What kind of cop am I?
      Goliath: A very good one.

    • Elisa: That's some story, all right. Gargoyle clans, mutated brothers, magic spells... you threw in everything but King Arthur and the Holy Grail.
      Goliath: Yes, well, we haven't encountered the Holy Grail... yet.

    • Angela: How many ways can I say it? We mean you no harm! It's no use, Bronx. He doesn't understand a word I say.
      Nokkar: On the contrary, I understand your words. I simply do not believe them.

    • Nokkar: Now you are going to help me capture your leader.
      Angela: Not if it costs me my life.
      Nokkar: One thing at a time, please.

    • Nokkar: Tell your space-spawn masters, that Nokkar will never abandon his post!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Both Nokkar and the Space Spawn are introduced in this episode. In a Gargoyles spin-off series set in the future, Nokkar teams up with a group of gargoyles, humans, and robots to help destroy the Space Spawn. It would have been called Gargoyles 2198.

    • Salli Richardson guested starred on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Second Sight" as both CDR Sisko's (Avery Brooks) love interest and the wife of Richard Kiley's character.