Season 2 Episode 24

Shadows of the Past

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 23, 1995 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Goliath, Angela, Bronx, and Elisa find their boat caught in a storm as they head for a shore that Goliath recognizes as his original home in Scotland. They make their way to Castle Wyvern and explore the old rookery cave, when Goliath hears Demona's voice calling to him but only he can hear her. They make their way to the Archmage's cave begins to react oddly as more voices plague him, then he sees Angela and Elisa as Vikings and attacks them. Bronx separates them and he flees rather then endanger them further.

As the others pursue, it becomes clear that the ghosts of Hakon and the Captain are responsible. Goliath falls into a narrow fissure, driven there by the ghosts, and falls out of sight. The others climb down after him while Goliath manages to break his fall and enters a lower cave filled with runes. The stone fragments grow together into the destroyed gargoyles and attack him. Then a stone Demona confronts him, and Goliath realizes everything is the result of the ghosts since she wasn't part of the slaughter. Hakon and the captain appear before him to reveal they managed to maintain themselves as ghosts for a thousand years. They plan to use the rune magic to drain Goliath's body and gain solid form, and began to materialize as Goliath slowly turns into a ghost in their place.

As the others arrive, Goliath appeals to the Captain's honor, and he turns against Hakon to atone for his betrayal of the gargoyles. The two ghosts struggle, destroying the rune temple. Redeemed, the Captain passes beyond, freed of his hate. The team leaves, wondering what became of Hakon, who is trapped in the stones.
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