Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 11, 1994 on ABC Family
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Demona convinces Brooklyn that humans and gargoyles can never live together, and asks him to help her show Goliath the same.

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  • This was one of best eps made.

    This ep was all about Brooklyn. His betray of the clan wasn't something he did intentially, and as you look back later on you'll notice something about him and Demona; I don't mean lover's or anything, but this could be a defining moment in Brooklyn's life.

    It all started with a motorbike, and then getting into a fight, being helped out by another gargoyle, only to find that it was Demona.

    This ep opened my eyes to having words twisted around, as Demona had done to Brooklyn. She may have thought she spoke the truth to the younger gargoyle, but it wasn't the whole truth and Brooklyn's loyalty to his clan leader was a lot stronger than taking out the majority of the humans.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Trivia: Morgan's partner is named Phil Travanti.

    • A possible flaw in continuity; Elisa orders Goliath to act for the rest of his life to act as though he were not under a spell, not in particularly the one used on him here, and yet in future episodes he is placed under other enchantments, nullifying the order.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Broadway: (to Lex, regarding the motorcycle) Isn't it finished yet? You've been coming here every night for a week!
      Brooklyn: Come on, you've ridden one of these things before.
      Lexington: You rode a horse once. Could you build one from spare parts?

    • Lex: Hey, what happened to the motorcycle?
      Brooklyn: Uhm... it... blew up.
      Lex: Oh. (pause) What?!? (turns to stone)

    • Goliath: You've apologized once already, Brooklyn. I could hear, though I could not act.
      Brooklyn: What Demona said sounded true at the time but...
      Goliath: Of course it did, it's a half-truth, that she has thoroughly embraced.

    • Elisa: Goliath, I order you to act for the rest of your life the way you would act if you were not under a spell.

    • Demona: I hold the book! You must do as I say!
      Brooklyn: You hold the book, Demona. But I hold the spell!

    • Demona: I just want to talk.
      Brooklyn: Yeah, and last time we met, you were just trying to blow me away with a bazooka.

    • Demona: (to Goliath) Even with no will of your own, you're a force to be reckoned with.

    • Demona: (to Brooklyn) What would you do? Capture him for human justice? He'd be out of jail and back on the streets in a day.

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