Season 2 Episode 20

The Cage

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 16, 1995 on ABC Family
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The Cage
Reminded of her brother during a family gathering, Elisa seeks out Talon and tries to mend their relationship. She fails, but makes him aware that Sevarius didn't die. Shortly afterwards, the doctor disappears...

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  • The mutates are back with Xanatos & out for revenge. Talon, their leader, discovers that Sevarius, the one who turned him into a mutate, is alive. Soon after, Sevarius goes missing. Who took the doctor, & will Talon ever learn who his true enemies are?moreless

    This is a very good episode. I love all the episodes that deal with the Labyrinth clan. This is the episode where Derek, who now goes by Talon, really figures out what happened the night he was turned into a mutate. He finds out that he has been angry with the wrong gargoyle and that the person he thought was his friend, was really his enemy. I love his line, "It was you all along! I trusted you! You turned me into a monster and I defended you!!!" I feel bad for the guy in the end, because he went up against all the people who truely wanted to help him and he helped the one person who was playing him all along. I really like getting to know the other mutates in this episode. Claw and Fang are great in their own ways. Fang is SO funny. All his remarks are great. I think it was genious making Claw a mute. It really makes him stand out. Maggie the Cat is okay. She has a lot of trust issues and can't really decide what to do on her own. You really see how she and Talon complete each other at the end of this episode. They are strong and weak in their own ways, but together, work perfectly. Elisa has a great role in the episode as well. She does a lot to get her brother to believe her, and he never does until he sees the proof with his own eyes. Even after that, she still forgives him. What a good sister. And as always, it is great to have an episode with the good (actually bad) doctor Sevarius. He is quite funny in his own way. Plus, Xanatos was in this entire mix! We can't forget him, can we? I guess the reason I really like this episode is that we get to have all these cool characters in it, all with conflicts that make the plot VERY interesting.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Trivia: The Labyrinth Clan is formed in this episode. Its members are Talon, Claw, Fang and Maggie (AKA "The Cat").

    • When the trio is releasing Fang and Claw, we see Talon when it was supposed to be Fang.

    • When Sevarius is ordered to start working by the shadowy figure (Goliath), his surroundings suggest the Cyberbiotics underground base from "Awakening, Part 5". However, it moves to the lab from "Metamorphosis", which would suggest that Goliath kept Sevarius hidden in the Gen-U-Tech building the whole time, or transferred him between the two locations without being seen. Also, at the end of the episode, the Gen-U-Tech Lab was furnished, implying that the Labyrinth clan decided to live there, which seems as a bit dangerous.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Talon: (after Maggie tries to drink the poison) Maggie, no!
      Maggie: You see? Sevarius didn't want his experiment to end, but this is the cure!
      Talon: You don't know that! The risk is too great!
      Maggie: Any risk is better than living as a monster.
      Talon: I'm a monster.
      Maggie: But you're strong, stronger than me. I can't live this way.
      Talon: I couldn't either, not without you. Maggie, we're not strong alone, we're strong together.

    • Elisa: Goliath, my guardian angel.
      Vinnie: What?
      Elisa: Nothing. Mind if I take a look around?

    • Elisa: Derek, please.
      Talon: Stand away from him, Elisa. He's my enemy!
      Maggie: And she's your sister... Are you going to attack her too?

    • Elisa: We're on the top floor, Beth.
      Beth: It-it looked like it had - wings.
      Elisa: Right. And I have webbed feet.
      Peter: And a great duck impersonation.

    • Sevarius: I don't know if this will work. I'm not used to working in such primitive conditions.
      Goliath: Just get back to work, before conditions really do get primitive!

    • Maggie: What do we do now?
      Goliath: Return with me to the Clock Tower. Join my clan.
      Talon: You--you would accept us? After how I treated you?
      Goliath: Elisa is already part of our clan, that makes you all family.
      Talon: Thank you, Goliath. But it seems I have my own clan, my own family.

    • Brooklyn: (after freeing the Mutates) You're free to go. Return to Xanatos if you want, but don't turn your back on him!

    • Xanatos: (after Talon tries to attack him) I am sorry things turned out this way. We'd all be happier if you remained in the dark. But I can't let you damage Anton. He's a bit of a bother, but his mind represents infinite possibilities. He's a scientist, you're just the experiment.

    • Fang: Come back here! Fight like a man!
      Brooklyn: I'm not a man! I'm a gargoyle!

  • NOTES (3)

    • Lexington appears in this episode, but has no dialogue.

    • Greg Weisman has stated two reasons for the design change of the mutates: 1) Behind the scenes reason was that the previous designs weren't as appealing to the production team; 2) Storywise, they were still mutating to a more stable form.

    • The mutate known as Claw never says a word in all his appearances. Greg Weisman mentions that the mutation process rendered him mute. It was also a way to cut the costs of hiring another voice actor.