Season 2 Episode 45

The Gathering, Part Two

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Apr 30, 1996 on ABC Family
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Oberon besieges Xanatos' skyscraper, determined to let nothing stand between him and the child.

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  • The Gargoyles and friends must protect Alexander against a force they can't possibly defeat.

    This is probably the most defining episode in the canon of Gargoyles. Xanatos is shown in his most human role, as a father protecting his son against the unstoppable Oberon. Oberon needs to run the gauntlet that brings in aspects from many episodes, which as a true fan of this series I love. Not only is this a great episode, but the revalations concerning Puck are very surprising. I\'m glad that Goliath and the others are finally back in New York after their long trip in Avalon. This episode has great watchability and if you care about the storylines in this series, this episode is key.moreless
  • Zanatos and the Gargoyles go all out against Oberon.

    I feel this is one of the best darn two parter episodes ever. Similar in vein to the cult action film "Assault of Pricent 13" this was memorable because we saw one of the best darn fights ever. Both the good guys and the bad guys were fighting Oberon with all they got. From inventive traps, lazers, robots, fists, flight, magic, iron harpoons, you name it it's there. But that Oberon is one tough hombre he manages to get past the opposition. And just we you think all is lost Fox gives both Oberon and us a unexpected last ditch supprise. But also it's memorable just seeing the human quality in the characters Zanatos, Goliath, Halcyon, and Fox. Acting as any parental figures would to protect their children from being taken away.moreless
  • Goliath & his clan battle Oberon to protect Alexander. After many attempts to stop him, Oberon defeats all his adversaries. At the last moment, Owen comes to Xanatos' aid, and does something that no one will ever forget...moreless

    This is a good episode. I really like it because we get to see the Owen/Puck relation. We learn why Puck didn't want to go to Oberon's Gathering and how he serves Xanatos. We also get to see Fox's powers for the first and only time on the show. That's one of the best scenes, aside from Owen turning into Puck. It's also interesting to find out that everything that happened was what Titania wanted all along. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't stand not knowing what Titania told Fox at the end of the episode.moreless
Terrence Mann

Terrence Mann


Guest Star

Robert Culp

Robert Culp

Halcyon Renard

Guest Star

W. Morgan Sheppard

W. Morgan Sheppard

Petros Xanatos

Recurring Role

Kate Mulgrew

Kate Mulgrew


Recurring Role

Peter Scolari

Peter Scolari

Preston Vogel

Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Oberon seems curiously unaffected by the iron spear in his chest. Sure, he ages for a few minutes. But in "Ill Met By Moonlight," he was brought to the point of helplessness and death just by ringing an iron bell. Shouldn't an iron spear practically in the heart hurt him more, not less?

    • Puck says here he promised Xanatos a lifetime's service as Owen. But in Part One he fled rather then stay to serve Xanatos, breaking his word. We've seen in the past that Oberon and his Children place great value by their sworn oaths.

    • Bronx is curiously absent during this episode despite the fact he was present in Part One. Given they're in an all-out war, shouldn't they have brought him along?

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    • Oberon: The humans will awaken in the morning, and this will seem naught but a midsummer night's dream.
      A subtle nod to William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream, from which the characters of Oberon, Titania, and Puck were based.

    • Puck: Here's... Puck!
      Referencing the famous introduction to The Tonight Show, spoken by Ed McMahon, and itself parodied many times since in movies like The Shining.