Season 2 Episode 37

The New Olympians

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Feb 14, 1996 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Goliath & Co. travel toward and then through a glowing mystical shield. They find themselves on an island with a vast city upon it and the gargoyles hide as Elisa confronts a flying patrol of mutated guardsmen – a centaur and a flame-haired man. The gargoyles intervene when they capture Elisa for the crime of trespassing, but are driven off as the guardsmen say they have no quarrel with gargoyles. The gargoyles go to the "trial" where hundreds of other such creatures are present, and they meet their leader Boreas, who introduces his people as the New Olympians.

The Olympians hate the humans, who shunned them and forced them to create their own community. Goliath pleads her case and the Olympians are concerned since the human world will soon have the technology to breach their "cloaking shield." Boreas decides to release her but confine her to the island so she cannot reveal their secret. Some of the Olympians are unhappy with the decision and she finds herself the target of bigotry and violence. The head of security, Taurus, takes Elisa into custody and meets another prisoner, the shapeshifter Proteus, who murdered Taurus' father, the former head of security.

As the Olympians riot, Taurus tries to maintain control and Proteus shows an interest in how Elisa and the others got to the island. Goliath's appeal to Boreas fails and he prepares to break her out and leave the island. Proteus passes himself off as Elisa while she sleeps in her cell – he gets free and locks in Goliath, then takes on the form of Goliath to fool Elisa and they escape. The Olympian guardsmen go after Angela and Bronx who are turned to stone by the sunrise and captured.

Elisa notices that Goliath/Proteus doesn't turn to stone come sunrise and, despite his explanation, doesn't buy his ruse, particularly when he plans to blow up their power source. Elisa realizes she's been tricked and knocks out another guardsman and takes his hoversled. Disguised as Taurus, Proteus gets into the powerplant and sets the system to overload and destroy the island, while Elisa leads the real Taurus to the powerplant by provoking him into a chase. Taurus ensnares Elisa while Proteus disguises himself as Goliath, but Taurus realizes who he's facing. Taurus manages to defeat Proteus and stop the overload in the nick of time. Convinced by Elisa's actions, Taurus accepts she can be trusted and convinces the others to let her go. They leave while Taurus and Boreas ponder that they may soon have to face the outside world.
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