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Season 2 Episode 15

The Price

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 12, 1995 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

The Price
MacBeth throws a magic powder at Hudson, and the next night the old gargoyle remains stone while the others wake up...

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • In "Eye of the Beholder," earlier in the season, Goliath tells Elisa that the cold doesn't bother them, but in this episode, Brooklyn complains about it.

    • QUOTES (13)

      • Xanatos: If the procedure is successful, I'll release you.
        Hudson: And if it isn't?Xanatos: Then you'll have the privilege of giving your life for science.

      • Hudson: Not a bad life, all things considered.
        (Macbeth attacks)
        Brooklyn: Yeah. Too bad he wants to end it!

      • Owen: (hand just turned to stone) It would appear that the cauldron of immortality has a price.
        Xanatos: Yes, what was the legend? "Whoever bathes in it, will live as long as the mountain stones"? How literal-minded. Thank you, Owen!

      • Brooklyn: Jalapena! You're still alive! It's a miracle!
        Goliath: Yes, a miracle named Elisa...

      • Macbeth: You'll have to do better than that!

      • Lexingon: This city seems so different when it snows.
        Brooklyn: Yeah... it's colder.

      • Xanatos: And I suppose you're going to destroy the cauldron now?
        Hudson: And why would I be doin' that? Whatever you choose to do with your life is your own affair, Xanatos, as long as its got nothing to do with me.

      • Xanatos: Without your sword, you're helpless.
        Hudson: Swordless, maybe. Helpless never! (stabs a jagged piece of his stone skin into the eye of a robot and flies across the room, knocking Xanatos to the floor and holding his sword up to Owen who comes running over) Behave yourself, boy.

      • Hudson: Open this cage and I'll show you just how useless I am.

      • Hudson: True immortality isn't about living forever, man. It's about what you do with the time you have. When all your scheming's done, what will be your legacy Xanatos?

      • Xanatos: Better watch out, Owen. This "MacBeth" fellow may be gunning for your job. He's already died for me once on this project. It's hard to top that.

      • Broadway: At least we led him away from Hudson.
        Brooklyn: Yeah. Now if only somebody would lead him away from us.

      • Hudson: These ancient talismans are often dangerous, Xanatos. I would have thought your experience with the Eye of Odin would have taught you that.
        Xanatos: You could be right. Maybe it would be a good idea to test the brew first. Any volunteers?

    • NOTES (2)

      • For unknown reasons, this episode was not included in the Gargoyles - Season 2: Part 1, Disc 2 DVD. The series skips directly from "Outfoxed" to "Revelations." This episode can be found on Disc 3.

      • Lee Nordling is credited with providing "comic book material." Co-creator Greg Weisman has said the writers were inspired to make this episode after reading a story in Disney Adventures magazine. That story was written by Lee Nordling. This was the first time thus far in the series that a story came from outside the normal circle of writers/creators.

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