Season 2 Episode 48

The Reckoning

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 07, 1996 on ABC Family
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The Reckoning
The gargoyles capture Demona, and decide to lock her up in the mutates' hold, taking turns to guard her. But was it perhaps a bit too easy?

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  • Demona is captured & locked up in the Labyrinth. Thailog comes to her rescue & leads Goliath & Talon to a deserted carnival. They learn that Thailog has cloned the gargoyles. Can they defeat Thailog, & if they do, what will happen to the clones?moreless

    I LOVE this episode! This is one of my favorites, and I only have a handful of those. I like this episode because Demona and Angela get to meet properly for the first time. I love their scenes together. I also like that Thailog is back, and that he teamed up with Sevarius to make clones of Goliath's clan. It's also great to see Fang again. He's hilarious. The episode's end is great too. Thailog and Demona hate each other, Angela learns that Demona really cares for her, and the Labyrinth clan grows bigger with the clones joining them.moreless
Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Salli Richardson-Whitfield


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Edward Asner

Edward Asner


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Bill Fagerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke


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Frank Welker

Frank Welker


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Rocky Carroll

Rocky Carroll


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Tim Curry

Tim Curry

Dr. Sevarius

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goliath knows about the fact that Demona can only be killed by MacBeth, Angela possibly knows too from their encounter in France. But they believe that Demona might be dead, which is impossible according to the spell.

    • When Talon and Goliath are caught by the collapsing ceiling, they are standing together, barely a foot or two apart. But when Goliath wakes up, Talon is now about 20' over to Goliath's right (audience's left).

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Sevarius: You know, when they call bio-engineering a "growth industry," they're not kidding.

    • Goliath: Demona must be gathering weapons for another offensive.
      Brooklyn: Then let's offend her first!

    • Fang: Hey, yo, Goliath! How many gargoyles does it take to screw in a light bulb, huh?

    • Thailog: Now, now – that's your friends' genetic makeup you're insulting.

    • Demona: I should have known. You always travel in groups.
      Goliath: We are a clan, Demona. That's something you forgot long ago.

    • Talon: Fang is serving time for trying to force his way into power down here.
      Fang: Yeah, yeah, but I'm expecting the governor to commute my sentence any minute now.

    • Fang: Hey, Demona, I've always respected you as a fellow inmate. Some of my best friends are half-gargoyle-half-human babes with bad attitudes.

    • Demona: (freeing a captive Fang) He's a fool, but he may be of some use.
      Fang: I can work with that!

    • Burbank: You are master now?
      Talon: Better then that. I'll teach you how to think for yourselves. And use verbs.

    • Angela: The last thing I said to her was "I hate you." But she sacrificed herself for me. How can it end this way?
      Goliath: She knew how you truly felt. And Demona's love for you was the first goodness she's shown in a long, long time. For her, it may have been a new beginning. A new beginning for us all.

  • NOTES (3)

    • "The Reckoning" was to have originally been a 2 part episode as well as the season finale (With "Hunter's Moon" being a Direct To Video).

    • The names of the "Clone Clan" are more or less the California equivalents of the New York-named Wyvern clan (e.g., Broadway/Hollywood). The name choice came from a fan letter which gave possible names if Goliath and Clan had awoken in California instead of New York.

    • This is the last episode featuring the Golden Cup building.