Season 2 Episode 18


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Nov 09, 1995 on ABC Family
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After the Pack is beaten by the gargoyles for the umpteenth time, Xanatos offers them new and improved cybernetic / gene-spliced bodies.

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  • We get some character developement with the trio, which are more of a focus point in this ep, as well as the pack.

    The Pack have all been altered in some way or form, some haven't really changed at all; ie Dingo, and other's have been reinvented, ie Jackal.

    Focusing back onto why he trio have more focus in this ep; at the start they fought the Pack during a bank robbery, for Goliath to be seriously hurt during it. To Goliath it's a bit of a wake up call, he needs a second, and although he wanted Hudson to do it ("I gave it to you, it cannae go backwards".) the old gargoyle reminded him that they had 3 young gargoyles who could easily be his second. Of course, the trio are still immature males, so it's basically a competition between them when they go out to patrol New York every evening.

    To me that was the basic focus of it, the Pack also had leader's, but it was done in a more... brutal way I suppose. Wolf managed to take out Hudson, and it was agreed amoung them that who ever bagged the biggest gargoyle becomes the leader. Needless to say Coyote defeated Goliath.

    With the two older gargoyles, Bronx and Elisa all captured by the Pack, the trio had to figure out where they were; when an advert comes on, with Fox's voice over it.

    Now when the trio find them, Lexington and Broadway want to attack, though Brooklyn points out that they have one chance, so he gives them his plan.

    It wasn't the best ep so far, but it did help to know that now Goliath has a second, and how adept that second could be in situations.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Note that as Hudson and Wolf fight, Wolf's face is suddenly portrayed as far more similar to a typical werewolf when it previously was far more similar to his human. Afterward, he is back to his more human-like appearance.

    • During the battle at the trainyard, Wolf tears a steel girder off its support. As he swings it forward, he knocks a track switch over from behind. However, rather than bending over in front of Wolf, it snaps behind Wolf instead, which, from the "camera" angle, is a physical impossibility.

    • In Act 1 when Dingo is talking to Wolf about taking out Goliath his mustache is missing.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Lexington: If I was leader, I'd make sure that my clan knew where I was at all times.
      Broadway: If you were leader, I'd be somewhere else at all times.

    • Lexington: Not a bad night. Two muggings broken up.
      Brooklyn: One mugging, and one burglar who's considering new career options.
      Broadway: Three muggings and an armed robbery. Just have to know where to look.

    • Dingo: You're not our leader, Wolf. You're barely our species!

    • Morgan: What I wanna know is where do we take them? A hospital? A machine shop? Or a vet!?

    • Fox: You're not mad? I know you don't like to lose.
      Xanatos: But I've won, my dear. For in you, I've found my true equal.

    • Television: The following is a paid commercial message.
      Lexington: Wait a minute, that voice! It's Fox!
      Fox (voice on television): Tired of that long walk down Lexington? Bored with the bus ride down Broadway? Sick of bumper-to-bumper all the way to Brooklyn?
      Brooklyn: She's talking to us...
      Fox: Don't PACK it in, take the train.
      Brooklyn: She wants us there... where the tracks cross.

    • Brooklyn: They were powerful enough to take out Goliath...
      Lexington: You may be afraid to fight without Goliath, I'm not.
      Broadway: Me neither!
      Brooklyn: Guys, we won't get two chances at this... I have a plan.

    • Coyote: I like being stronger than any of you.
      Brooklyn: But not stronger then all of us!

    • Hyena: I know you're around here somewhere, you flying rat.
      Lexington: That's Mr. Flying Rat to you!

    • Dingo: What a choice – a robot who thinks he's human, or a human who's gone to the dogs.

    • Coyote: Sorry, Wolf, but I think my Goliath tops your Hudson.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Dingo: I knew it was a bad idea to stick with this crew, not after they went Frankenstein on me.
      Frankenstein is a novel in which the title character created a monster from the parts of several people and brought him to life.