Season 2 Episode 46


Aired Saturday 11:00 AM May 01, 1996 on ABC Family

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  • Goliath & Hudson are attacked by Wolf & Hakon. At the same time, Vinnie relives all the times the Gargoyles have made him suffer in one way or another. He has a gun specially made, names it Mr. Carter, & hunts down Goliath to take his revenge.

    One of my least favorite episodes. I hated the whole fight going on between Wolf, Hakon, Goliath, & Hudson. It was like they were trying to redo "Long Way to Morning", but ended up making a terrible version of it. The only thing I like about this episode is Vinnie and his gun Mr. Carter. He is VERY funny. In fact, I fast-forward through the parts with Hakon & Wolf fighting Goliath & Hudson and only watch the parts with Vinnie in them. I almost wish that there had been another episode with Vinnie in it so that I could watch that one and discard this one all together. The end where Vinnie creams Goliath is so funny, & I like that he leaves humming the Gargoyles' theme song. What a great guy.