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  • Season 1
    • GARO: Red Requiem (GARO ~RED REQUIEM~)
    • GARO Special: Beast Of The White Night Part 2 (GARO Spesharu: Byakuya no Majū Pāto Ni)
      With Jabi resurrected, she teachs Rin new magic spells. Kouga and the other Knights prepare for the battle against Legules. Garai explains that Legules is after the Phosphorus Arrow, the only thing that can seal him away, or allow him to take over the world. After a brief confrontation with Tsubasa, Jabi examines the Phosphorus Arrow and finds that it's power is waning. At night, Legules attacks, leavinga piece of himself inside Tsubasa's Madou Bracelet Goruba. Rin and the arrow are taken by Legules. The Knights go to rescue them. Legules transforms into a Horror form and infects GARO with evil. Kouga purifies himself with the Arrow before using it to become even more powerful. He uses the Arrow to destroy Legules and restores the peace to Kantai. Jabi elects to remain and teach Rin more magic while Kouga returns home to Kaoru.moreless
    • GARO Special: Beast Of The White Night Part 1 (GARO Spesharu: Byakuya no Majū Pāto Wan)
      "Demonic Horrors that lurk in the darkness. Demons that hate, that feed upon mankind. There was a time when humans lived in fear of these fiends from the shadows. But mankind received a ray of hope. The light of hope that was the Makai Knights. The demon hunters, the protectors of mankind... thus, they were exalted by humanity".

      Young Priestess Rin uses herself as Horror bait to get Kouga's attention. Kouga and Rin summon Priest Amon's spirit to get answers about the Horrors. Amon's spirit tells Kouga that Jabi isn't actually dead, but that she is trapped within a Makai beast deep in the Makai realm. Meanwhile, the Horror Legules arises and creates an army of Horrors before heading for Kantai in the Makai realm. Rei also heads there to protect the people. Kouga arrives in Kantai, but is attacked by Tsubasa, a Makai Knight. Priestess Garai allows Kouga into the village and later he travels to the Makai realm to rescue Jabi as Tsubasa assumes the form of DAN Knight of the White Night to defend his people from Legules minions. Kouga faces the Makai beast hiding Jabi and defeats the illusions it sends against him. GARO rescues Jabi and kills the beast.moreless
    • GARO Side Story: Smile (GARO Gaiden Egao)
      Kaoru awakens to find a man resembling Gonza. He tells her that he is a god of pictures and they are within her Makai world. She demands to leave, but the god sets her an ordeal to complete. Having done 1000 paintings, she can summon the Gold Pencil, but she must meet someone who loves her paintings first. Kaoru meets the canvas she drew Kouga on, which chases her. Later, she encounters her friend Asami, or rather, the Goddess of Painting in Asami's image. They fight over the Gold Pencil but the Goddess gets away with it. She soon meets three girls, a talkative Kodama and even human versions of Zaruba and Silva. Silva tries to kill her, but she soon runs into her mother. Her mother 'dies', but Kaoru comes to understand why her father left her the gold pencil.moreless
    • Heroic Spirits (Eirei)
      Kouga battles Meshia, eventually becoming Tsubasabito GARO. Meshia is defeated but KIBA reappears. Both Kouga and Rei fight KIBA. KIBA is destroyed, but Zaruba is lost when he uses too much power. Kaoru is saved and as Kouga and a reforged Zaruba head for the Eastern District, she leaves for Italy to continue her work.moreless
    • Girl (Shōjo)
      Girl (Shōjo)
      Episode 24
      Kouga and Rei fight to save Kaoru from the Watchdogs and Barago. Once the Watchdogs and Barago are defeated, Kaoru attacks them, but she is eventually returned to normal by Kouga. He then travels to the Underworld to face Meshia...
    • Heart Destruction (Shinmetsu)
      Barago brings the Watchdogs a woman to possess. Meanwhile, the West Watchdog tells Kouga and Rei that they must destroy the priestesses. Barago kidnaps Kaoru as GARO fights Kodama. Kouga uses dark power and is transformed into a werewolf-like creature which kills Kodama until Rei stops him.
    • Engraving (Kokuin)
      Engraving (Kokuin)
      Episode 22
      A gate appears on Kaoru's neck, which Zaruba reveals would allow Barago, the Dark Knight and Taiga's killer, to summon the Horror Meshia into the world. To stop Barago completing his task, Kouga and Rei set off to infiltrate the East Watchdogs lair...
    • Magic Bullet (Madan)
      A man seeking revenge on GARO for killing his daughter after she was possessed by a Horror takes a gun from a museum and uses magic bullets to allow Horrors to possess people. He then lures Kouga into a trap and attacks him. After revealing that the Watchdogs helped him, he stabs himself with his daughter's Horror knife and allows himself to be killed by Kouga.moreless
    • Life (Seimei)
      Life (Seimei)
      Episode 20
      With Amon and Jabi gone, Kouga must journey to the forest of Glen alone to retrieve the Barakas fruit, the only thing that can save Kaoru. Allowed to enter the forest by it's guardian, Old Lady Tamu, Kouga faces constant attacks by Horrors, but eventually confronts and defeats the Grou Dragon with Rei's help. They bring back the Barakas fruit and cure Kaoru of the Horror blood.moreless
    • Black Flame (Kokuen)
      GARO and ZERO fight, with Kouga being injured. He is rescued by Jabi. Meanwhile, the Watchdogs encourage Rei to kill Kouga. Kouga and Jabi later try to return the Horror daggers to the Underworld, but Kodama appears and kills Jabi. As Kouga fights Kodama, Rei throws the daggers into the Underworld but it is too late; the Horros combine into one giant monster. GARO and ZERO fight it but a strange Knight appears to destroy it…moreless
    • World Charm (Kaifu)
      Kaoru becomes afraid to be out in public, seeing Horrors everywhere. Gonza informs Kouga that Priest Amon has been murdered. Meanwhile, Kodama is attacked while preparing to send Horror daggers to the Demon World. His attacker, Priest Jabi, takes the daggers and disappears. The Watchdogs send Kodama after her and the two briefly fight before Jabi escapes. The Watchdogs later order Kouga to kill Jabi, but he refuses. Jabi meets Kouga, but he gets no answers. Rei is ordered to kill Jabi instead. Kouga and Jabi agree that they do not trust the Watchdogs. but she won't hand back the swords. The two end up fighting until Rei arrives with Kaoru as a hostage. Kouga trades Kaoru for the swords, but ends up with both. He and Rei fight as GARO and ZERO...moreless
    • Fish Tank (Suisō)
      Fish Tank (Suisō)
      Episode 17
      At a junk yard, a man, Tonuma, finds a fish in a tank. Naming it Haru, he takes it home. Cutting himself on Haru's jar, Tomura notices it feeding on his blood. Meanwhile, Kouga prepares to retrieve a Blankas fruit to purify Kaoru. Haru grows at a rapid rate, making Tonuma cut himself repeatedly to feed her. Tonuma then kills a woman in a water tank. Kouga begins to track Haru, as she takes control of the woman's body. Tonuma kills again. Kouga stops him, but as he is human, he allows him to pass. Kouga uses Kaoru to lure out the Horror, but Tonuma appears instead. Several Horrors attack Kouga as Kaoru goes to Tonuma's home. Kouga saves her and destroys Haru's tank. Kouga becomes GARO to finish Haru off, but her disembodied head has time to reveal why Kouga spared Kaoru...moreless
    • Red Sake (Akasake)
      Red Sake (Akasake)
      Episode 16
      During a lull in Horror activity, Kouga goes to visit Makai Priest Amon, an old friend of Taiga, his father. After repairing the Madou Lighter, Amon challenges Kouga to a game of bar chess, a game that was started between Amon and Taiga some twenty years ago. During the game, Amon reveals that the fruit of a Blankas can cure one touched by Horror blood. he also mentions that Barago, a Makai Knight long believed killed, may still be alive and could be the one responsible for killing Taiga.moreless
    • Statue (Gūzō)
      Statue (Gūzō)
      Episode 15
      A sculptor is possessed by a Horror, who uses clay to kill his models. GARO fights the Gargoyle Horror but it flies away. Kaoru goes to visit a man who knew her father, with Rei in tow. Gargoyle kills again. Kaoru finds the man; the possessed sculptor. He attacks her, but Kouga saves her. Rei then fights him as ZERO, destroying the Horror.moreless
    • Nightmare (Akumu)
      Nightmare (Akumu)
      Episode 14
      Several years ago, Rei and Shizuka look after their ill father, but she worries about his life as a Makai Knight. Rei has a nightmare o someone attacking him with a sword. He wakes to find his father dead and sees Shizuka killed by an armoured figure who he comes to believe was GARO. Waking up in the present, Rei finds Kaoru visiting him but drives her away. Kouga and Rei are ordered to seal a gateway and the 100 Horrors within it. They enter the Demon Realm and eventually destroy the gateway's energy source, but Rei still has his doubts about GARO being his sister's killer.moreless
    • Promise (Yakusoku)
      Promise (Yakusoku)
      Episode 13
      Special recap of Episodes 1-13 narrated by Zaruba. Includes information on the characters, Horrors, and history of GARO.
    • GARO Overview (GARO Ōbabyū)
      A special overview/advertisement for GARO.
    • Taiga (Taiga)
      Taiga (Taiga)
      Episode 12
      Gonza and Zaruba reflect on Kouga's growth as a knight, remembering him training with his father, Taiga. Out one night with his father, they encounter a Horror, with Taiga becoming GARO to destroy it. Later, they fight Barago and, despite fighting as GARO, Taiga is killed before Kouga's eyes. Kouga trains for years to be able to use the Garoken and fight as GARO, eventually becoming the man he is today.moreless
    • Game (Yūgi)
      Game (Yūgi)
      Episode 11
      The trickster Horror Dantalian lures people to play his coin game but, when they lose, and they always do, he devours their soul. Dantalian tries this trick on Kaoru and absorbs her soul. After facing off against Rei, Kouga encounters Dantalian and competes in his games to recover Kaoru's soul. He eventually succeeds, destroys Dantalian and reunites Kaoru's body with her soul.moreless
    • Doll (Ningyō)
      Doll (Ningyō)
      Episode 10
      The Horror Asmodai appears and, using his act as a puppeteer, causes groups of people to kill each other before devouring their remains. While going through her father's things, Kaoru discovers an unpublished book with a blank page. Asmodai strikes again by Kouga and Rei fight him as GARO and ZERO, eventually destroying him.moreless
    • Ordeal (Shiren)
      Ordeal (Shiren)
      Episode 9
      Kaoru is hired by school headmaster Yagi to restore a mural of a goddess her father painted years ago but no record exists of what the damaged area looked like. While purifying his sword, Kouga is sucked into an alternate reality where he meets a version of GARO. Kouga, having defeated 100 Horrors, must face an ordeal. Kouga instead tries to battle the Horror Humpty, but cannot hurt it. Kouga soon passes the ordeal and is granted the Makai Horse Gouten, which he uses to defeat Humpty. Meanwhile, Kaoru remembers her father's inspiration for the mural, and restores the goddess to her former glory.moreless
    • Ring (Yubiwa)
      Ring (Yubiwa)
      Episode 8
      Misato Kosugawa, a serial killer, kills her sixth victim and cuts off his fingers. Kouga trains with his sword but ends up arguing with Kaoru. Meanwhile, Misato only needs one more victim to complete her finger collection after getting her seventh victim by freezing him. Eventually, Kouga encounters Misato and fights her. Moloch, the Horror possessing Misato is eventually destroyed by GARO.moreless
    • Silver Fang (Ginga)
      Gonza researches a Makai Knight from the western district but finds no record of Rei in the Makai books. While Kaoru works her new job as a waitress Rei and Kouga fight. They are interrupted by a Horror. During the battle with it, Rei transforms into Silver Fang ZERO. After the Horror is destroyed, GARO and ZERO resume fighting themselves.moreless
    • Beauty (Bibō)
      Beauty (Bibō)
      Episode 6
      Kouga pursues a Horror at a cemetery. He looses it, but it later possesses a woman named Kotomi. Making Kotomi more attractive, the Horror uses this to kill men. Kaoru gets a job working at a bar, the same bar that Kotomi uses to kill more men. Kaoru is later attacked by the Horror, but Kouga saves her at the harbour. Fighting as GARO, Kouga and team mate Rei destroy the Horror and save Kaoru.moreless
    • Moonlight (Gekkō)
      Kouga hears rumous of a golden wolf Horror that kills women. Morino Shitoshi, a suspected murderer, kidnaps Sagashi Reiko, to hide form the police. All three are scared off by the appearance of a Horror. The Horror, Lunarken, possesses a girl and attacks Morino and a cop. Kouga battles Lunarken as GARO, eventually destroying her. Later, Morino is cleared of the murder charge.moreless
    • Dinner (Bansan)
      Dinner (Bansan)
      Episode 4
      Dr. Tategami is thanked by a patient for saving his life, but the doctor is possessed by a Horror, who quickly kills the man. The Horror possessed nurses also join the feast. Kouga goes to the hospital at night to investigate as Kaoru is evicted from her home and moves in with Asami. Kouga learns of rumous about Tategami's patients disappearing soon after he treats them. Kouga confronts Tategami, eventually engaging him and his nurses in battle. The Horrors are destroyed and Kouga leaves with Kaoru.moreless
    • Clock (Tokei)
      Clock (Tokei)
      Episode 3
      Two men find a watch in an alley but it suddenly turns into a Horror. It kills one of them, the other escaping. Kouga believes that the attack was Morax's work, the first Horror to be mechanical. Morax kills a girl and takes another hostage as Kouga chases them. Morax eventually possesses an old woman and takes Kaoru hostage. Kouga finds them and fights Morax, killing him and freeing Kaoru.moreless
    • Yin Self (Inga)
      Yin Self (Inga)
      Episode 2
      After an argument with her ex-lover, Kujo Azusa is possessed by a Horror, who then devours her friend. Kouga meets with the Watchdogs to purify his sword from the last battle, but they remind him that he must kill Kaoru as she has touched Horror blood. Meanwhile, Kujo kills another woman. Kouga arrives and fights the Horror as GARO, eventually killing her.moreless
    • Picture Book (Ehon)
      Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns. By the blade of Knights, mankind was given hope. An art gallery owner, Taisuke Taniyama, is attacked and possessed by a woman, actually a Horror, who appears to come from a painting. Kaoru later talks to Taisuke, and the Horror tries to attack her, but she escapes. Looking for the Horror, Kouga runs into Kaoru. They are both trapped in the art galley by the Horror. Kouga transforms into GARO and kills the monster, but Kaoru is covered in its blood, meaning certain eventual death for her too…moreless