Garrison's Gorillas

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 12, 1967 on ABC

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  • Garrison's team kidnaps a German colonel's son to use as a bargaining chip in order to secure the release of a resistance fighter.

    Garrison's Gorillas was not a great show by any means, but it was good in that it used real European actors whenever possible, and someone actually translated the dialogue into correct German, French, Italian, or whatever language was required. In a day and age in the 60's when producers faked foreign languages all the time, this was pretty refreshing. I, ever the impressionable youngster back then, was moved to study French and German so I could keep up with the WWII shows! I found the late character actor John van Dreelen, to be a standout in this episode. On the one hand, COL Mantfreeling was a tough-as-nails Wehrmacht officer, then again, he was a doting father, who had to make a tough decision: duty or family. In the end, one knew he was going to hand over the resistance fighter and get his son back, but it was interesting to watch nonetheless.
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