Garrison's Gorillas

ABC (ended 1968)


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  • Great Show

    I spent a lot of time crying when they canceled this show. This one and Rat Patrol. Got into watching ones like these because of my Dad. We would eat dinner watching Combat!. And of course to a teenage girl, the guys were hot!
  • Garrison and his crew have to kidnap a German officer's son to trade for a resistance fighter being held captive.

    Like the other reviewer, Bichlmaier, I liked this show because it used real foreign languages when possible. My family is Swiss, so we speak French as well as German, and I felt like I was in on somethig 'cause I understand what was being said. This episode was OK, too, pitting Garrison against the German Colonel Mantfreeling to get his son back. If I remember correctly, Mantfreeling was a prison warden where the resistance fighter in question was being held. One scene I remember best was Garrison meeting with Mantfreeling, greeting him auf Deutsch, then asking in English, "Do you speak English?" The Colonel answered "Yes," and that was the end of foreign language time. Anyway, this was an OK episode, and that John van Dreelen guy was pretty good looking... old enuf to be my father, but nice looking nonetheless!
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