Garrow's Law

Sunday 9:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 01, 2009 In Season


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  • Garrow's Law combines fiction and fact, history and law, to create a smart, entertaining show


    This legal show is based on fact: there was William Garrow (1760 - 1840), a British barrister and a pioneer of law who coined the phrase innocent until proven guilty. He challenged the laws of Georgian England and helped create the modern adversarial court system: when two advocates represent their parties before an impartial judge. So, for the fans of legal drama - this is the show about a man who revolutionized cross-examination! Expect verbal fireworks in courtroom, delivered in Shakespearian English. The language has the feel of the 18th century, without being pretentious. Garrow continuously encounters resistance from the establishment. All the stories are inspired by his true cases, which makes the show even more intriguing and fun to watch.

    And Garrow's love life was controversial - for the 18th century England. He was in a relationship with Sarah Hill, after she had left Sir Arthur Hill. Garrow and Sarah eventually married in 1793, after having two children together. The show takes some dramatic liberties, of course, in recreating their romance. The final result is a wonderfully told love story in a true costume-drama-style - portrayed by actors who share great on-screen chemistry. I should mention here that the show looks beautiful, especially the lighting: natural light and candlelight. If you like Jane Austen's works and costume-drama in general, I highly recommend Garrow's Law.

    Since I like both legal and costume dramas, I have nothing to criticize and a lot to like about this show. Sharp and rich dialogue, good stories, good actors, great sets and costumes. So far, I liked every episode!